8 Excellent Reasons To Use Explainer Videos For Your Business

Visual appeal, richness, conciseness, and affordability – these are the incredible qualities that explainer videos have to offer a business. The explosion of explainer videos in recent years, with 39% of people wanting to see more explainer videos from brands, is no accident. Most users are visual learners and have short attention spans, making it one of the best ways to get your message across, no matter whether it is technical or otherwise complex. And even following some quick tips can make the whole process as easy as possible. In fact, explainer videos transform the brand message into an easy-to-digest and enjoyable format. 

Here are some excellent reasons why we think explainer videos deserve a place in the minds of brands.

1. Present your Brand Message Concisely

Let’s face it. Brand messages are often not apparent to the audience at first blush. Presenting the brand message through content or text can be inefficient given the web user typically has a short attention span and is, moreover, primarily a visual learner. People, on an average, respond better to information that is seen and heard vis-a-vis that which is read. 

And explainer videos do just this! By highlighting the important details in a concise manner and presenting information in a visually engaging format, they ensure information transmission, retention, and recall in the most efficient manner possible.

2. Build a Better Connection with Your Target Audience

The explosion of video content in recent times stands testament to the effectiveness of videos in conveying information and building engagement and connect with the target audience. Videos have been shown to generate empathy for the product and interest in it apart from increasing the relatability of the product through visually engaging material. All these feed into the perceived authenticity of the offering which, ultimately, aids sales.

3. Increase Conversion Rates

Explainer videos are nothing short of a weapon in one’s conversion arsenal. They have the ability to grab audience attention and make them care about the business. In fact, 64% to 85% of explainer video viewers are likely to purchase the product showcased. They do this by ensuring a great user experience and generating engagement.

Explainer videos can boost conversion rates by as much as 80%. They also serve to keep the conversion funnel simple and cut through the clutter that can be created by multiple assets on the website in no more than a few seconds!

4. Showcase Brand Personality Effectively

Given the captive audience on a website, one has total control over how one portrays their brand. Explainer videos help one showcase the brand’s personality effectively to the target audience using the visual methods they employ and allow the brand to be perceived in the best possible light.

Introduce the brand, humanize it, and help audiences build trust in the brand using explainer videos. For example, if one caters to a B2B audience, it can be an effective method to use buyer personas donned in corporate suits in the explainer video.

5. Improve Brand Recall

Explainer videos, by their very nature, use the power of storytelling to build a strong relationship with the audience. This, in turn, results in brand recall long after the video has been consumed.

Stories are a powerful medium to let potential customers know that the business understands their struggles and can help them overcome them. And explainer videos use stories effectively to help build a positive perception of the brand and, just as importantly, retain them. Take animated explainer videos, for instance. They use the nostalgia associated with cartoons to generate positive emotions towards the brand, which is, essentially, half the battle won!

6. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Videos are found in the 70% of the top 100 search engine results as they increase dwell time – the amount of time a user spends on a website. This is a ranking factor at Google, one that explainer videos help boost considerably by hooking visitors! Also, video thumbnails generate far more clicks from users than text links.

The fact that Google owns YouTube is possibly playing a part here! YouTube itself is the second largest search engine around, and with explainer videos, the brand gets to be on it which then allows it to be found by more users. Allowing the brand to be found on YouTube or Vimeo has the potential to generate plenty of inbounds links, too, for the brand.

7. Generate a Great ROI

Given ROI is the key metric every business worries about, this alone should give you enough reason to opt for explainer videos! Over half of the businesses out there say that video is perceived to be the type of content that generates the highest ROI.

Video content is also great for repurposing, for instance, into GIFs for Twitter or simple DIY videos for Instagram. One could also reshuffle them to create content with a different flavor. All this means their shelf-life is effectively extended. So, with explainer videos, one can rest assured that the money spend will find its way back in just a few months’ time, no longer, and then it’s a profit all the way! 

8. Easily Share the Content via Email or Social Media

Explainer videos offer a great way to share the brand’s content. Consider this: the simple inclusion of the word “video” in the subject line can hike up open rates by 19% and click-through rate by 65%.

As for social media, one just needs to train their eyes on Facebook to see the success of video content. It becomes immediately clear that being able to share video content easily on platforms such as Facebook or Facebook-owned Instagram comes as a huge benefit to brands using explainer videos.

Convinced that explainer videos are worth your while? 

If you’re looking for some inspiration to make one of your own, here are 5 great examples of explainer videos you’d love.

5 of the Best Examples of Explainer Videos – Explained!


A search platform providing business-related information on Italian and British companies, Atoka uses a minute-long explainer video that begins by making the company’s raison d’etre and target audience clear to viewers – being at the top of one’s data game is of crucial importance to sales and marketing professionals. 

This is followed by a clear explanation of the functionalities and features of the platform even as the maintenance of a continuous focus on increasing the productivity and efficiency of one’s organization drives home the point effectively. Supported by on-point graphics and animation that relentlessly continues to make its point, Atoka takes it away with this explainer video!


Using uniquely crafted 2D characters, Headspace sells meditation to viewers in a simple and effective manner. Frequent changes in the tone and volume of music highlight the changing focus of the video and gently nudge viewers to pay attention to the changing narrative. This happens even as the videos show similarly crafted but a wide variety of characters that render the video similar in visual tone but simultaneously also highly engaging.


Mesosphere – a data center management system breaks down complex functionalities into simplified, easily digestible pieces of information using an isometric animated video. Simple object animation and subtle colors come together to visualize a complex business in an easily understandable manner while the music supports the cause by being minimalistic yet intriguing in itself. A simple, explanatory script renders the video easy-to-follow while graphics that reflect the colors of the brand renders it easy on the eye.


Parkbench – a B2B company – uses this explainer video to make clear its business to viewers. A video that completely does away with music and focuses on visuals and the script to get its point across, this one uses visuals that are almost always in blue monochrome to convey information. Its engagement quotient is further heightened using a crystal clear voiceover that comes across as simple and straightforward due to the absence of background music.


This 2-minute long explainer video for Slack – a messaging service for businesses – makes clever use of 2D motion graphics that include elements from the logo to make the business come alive for viewers. A comprehensive problem-solution breakdown of the script further clarifies the applications of the service for the audience, resulting in an engaging experience. Further, music that’s minimal and intriguing at the same time moves the script forward.

Depending on the budget, one could use an online video maker or approach a video production agency to create a custom video for one’s brand.  As far as online video makers go, we recommend Moovly, an altogether excellent online video editor and video maker for small-medium businesses, large enterprises, and education.

Wrapping Up

Explainer videos allow brands to increase brand awareness, improve conversions, earn inbound links, and educate the target audience – all in one move. Thus, explainer videos, by their very nature, help you accomplish multiple marketing goals – in under two minutes.

So, do your brand a huge favor and get an explainer video for it today!  

Koushik Marka is the founder and CEO of Studiotale, a video production company. He is passionate about helping brands grow with video and has expertise in video marketing, 2D animation, and vector illustration. When he is not working, he loves playing video games and traveling.