How to publish your video to the Moovly Gallery

How to Publish a Video to the Moovly User Gallery

You might have noticed it already when clicking the Publish button below your video: you can now also publish a video to the Moovly User Gallery!

As of last week, Moovly users can publish their moovs to this public Gallery and share them with others from there. This way, other Moovly users can find inspiration in good examples. Visit the Moovly User Gallery to find out what others created with Moovly.

How to publish a video to the Moovly User Gallery

To publish your video to the User Gallery, all you need to do is go to the Details page of your moov, click the Publish button and select “Publish to Moovly User Gallery”. This usually takes less than 5 minutes. You'll receive an email notification as soon as your video is available in the Gallery. 

The video will also show up in your personal Gallery: go to the drop-down menu below your username and select "My Gallery". You'll then be able to see all published videos.

As the videos in the Moovly User Gallery are public, you may want to pay attention to their title and description. Upon publishing to the Gallery, title and description are taken over from the Details page of your moov. If you want to change these, make sure to do this before hitting the Publish button.

Once the video has been published you can start sharing it with others: use the share buttons show just below the video.

Embed your moovs on other websites

And that's not all! Once your video has been published in the Moovly User Gallery, you can embed it on other websites. Embedding is a powerful technique, because when you update your source video in the Moovly User Gallery, all embedding websites immediately get the updated version of your video. Feel free to test it out!