Online Videos for Social Media: Worth it? How to make one?

The internet is quickly reaching a point where ignoring online videos will be on par with not having a business website. No doubt you’ve heard the statistics that it’s estimated for video content to account for 82% of the global IP traffic by 2021. But if you look around the social media landscape now, you can clearly see online videos already taking over your newsfeeds couple of years ahead of schedule.

We’re not only talking about online video sites like YouTube. Social apps like Facebook and Instagram take up a huge amount of our online time as well. They recently announced new community-centered video tools and features to ‘encourage meaningful social interactions’ and ‘foster a bigger sense of community around online videos on social media’ as mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg. Don’t forget about recently rolled out IGTV and still highly successful Instagram video-focused Stories.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter and LinkedIn have also leaned heavily into video content, bringing an enormous audience engagement by prioritizing natively uploaded online videos. Short news in the video format is as popular as never before.

The popularity of online videos is unstoppable!

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at some stats that will prove the current explosion of online videos on social media:

  • Global consumers spend an average of 47.7 minutes a day viewing online videos. (Zenith)
  • People upload more video content in 30 days than what has been created by major US TV networks in the past 30 years. (WordStream)
  • YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. (Hubspot)

Online video totally makes a difference in a business world:

  • When making a purchase decision, 4 in 5 millennials look for video content as a form of research. (SocialMediaToday)

… And, remember that millennials have the most spending power of any generation? Just in the US, they wield about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.

  • After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. (Hubspot)
  • Companies that market with video on social have a 27% higher click-through rate and 34% higher conversion rates than those that don’t. (Buffer)

Now, you get it.

Social media is no longer just a place for your friends and family to share embarrassing photos of you. Social media has given marketers dozens of opportunities to fashion content in a unique manner to drive engagement based on the audience’s preferences and needs. Now, we can knock on the right doors. However, since social media is constantly changing, you should be ready to constantly adopt and adapt.

How to make an online video for social media?

Let’s get started by highlighting the importance of squared online videos that, by the way, take up 78% more space on your social newsfeed than any landscape ones. They also seem to result in 30-35% higher video views and an 80-100% increase in engagement. Video format, regardless of the content it involves, still plays a huge role in the number of viewers, their attention, and the overall engagement.

So firstly, we go squared.

Then, enhance your textual content with an outstanding visual design. To immediately grasp attention, implement one of these 5 video designs that will strengthen your message. Take a look at our recent webinar dedicated to the topic “Square It Up: Make Online Videos for Social Media” where we discussed:

🔲 Why are squared videos still killing it?
😱 Hidden tricks for video success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn
🔧 Visual elements of an impactful video for social platforms
🖌️ Top 5 designs for your social videos
🎬 How to make your own stand-out social video

Want to know all that? Just take a look at the video ↴

And start making your own videos for social media↴

Videos for Social Media: Worth it? How to make one?
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Videos for Social Media: Worth it? How to make one?
Video content has dominated our social feeds. What’s the hype? Let’s discuss how to use this to your advantage and make killer videos for your social media.
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