As from today Moovly users can present, promote and explain from any mobile iOS device.

Ghent, September 27, 2016 – Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV.MVY) (“Moovly” or the “Company”) announces the expansion of its cloud-based platform to mobile users who want to create engaging multimedia content on-the-go. By launching its mobile application, the Belgian-Canadian company takes a new step on its vision to become the number 1 platform for engaging, customizable multimedia content creation. Moovly’s mobile app is available for free through Apple’s App Store. Any Moovly user is allowed to enjoy its functionality. The launch of our mobile app is the first of several product and service advances enabled by the platform migration of Moovly in May, 2016.

While the Moovly platform offers several preloaded content libraries, customization is what makes any Moov (i.e. videos made with Moovly) unique. Of course the new mobile app allows quick and easy multimedia content creation as it comes with preloaded templates in 4 categories: generic, business, emoji and birthday. The mobile app utilized Moovly’s new API technology architecture designed to make it possible for multiple ways to access the platform.

However the true added-value of the app is its ability to empower Moovly users in two important ways. First to promote, engage and teach at any place, anytime because all the user’s creations are available from the cloud via smartphone or tablet. Second to capture content spontaneously for upload to the user’s personal library which he or she can include in future creations.

“Our new mobile app puts Moovly in the lead of creating unique and customized multimedia content”, says Brendon Grunewald, CEO of Moovly. “What is great, is that any other video or camera app can be combined with the functionality of Moovly, because you can also upload videos, pictures or sounds from your iOS camera library.”

Thanks to the new mobile app users can take customization to a new level. They can literally unleash their creativity while combining their favorite iPhone application. They can use filters for pictures, special video apps to record interviews or discussions, modify sounds or compose music and then upload it to the Moovly platform for final customization and distribution. This is the first version of the mobile app, which will evolve over time based on internal as well as client demand and use cases. Moovly encourages users and clients to become involved in that process via closed user focus groups.

Moovly is a user-friendly, cloud-based platform to create appealing multimedia content in an affordable, intuitive and simple way. Today the platform is being used by close to 1 million users from businesses, schools and organizations that create and share captivating videos and multimedia presentations, video clips and dynamic infographics. The new mobile app will convince even more users and contribute to Moovly’s aspiration to become the market leader for online production of video animations and multimedia content. App developments such as more content, additional feature sets and for release on Android are in the pipeline.

Key Features:

  1. The app is available for free through Apple’s App Store.
  2. Any Moovly user is allowed to enjoy the functionality of the app.
  3. The only restriction is the cloud storage space of the user’s license plan:
    • Free: 100 MB / 20 items
    • Plus: 500 MB / 100 items
    • Pro: 1 GB / 200 items
    • Business: 2 GB / Unlimited items
  4. Capture video, pictures and sounds spontaneously and add to your personal

    • Upload pictures, sounds, music, video captured in the past from your iPhone
    • Unleash your creativity while combining your favorite iPhone application.
  5. Make Moovs on-the-go with preloaded templates in 4 categories:
    • Generic: a simple picture and text template for any message you’d like to
    • Emoji: express sentiments by using pictures and emojis depicting “Unbelievable”, “Cat” and “Angry”.
    • Business: 3 templates in a business context to explain the 3 key elements of a
      concept to your audience.
    • Happy Birthday: 4 styles for wishing happy birthdays to friends.

About Moovly

Moovly is a cloud-based multimedia platform that enables everyone to create engaging multimedia content by making it affordable, intuitive and simple. Users choose from extensive content libraries in various styles and can add their own images, movies and sounds to create captivating videos and presentations. Finished work is published on major social channels like Facebook and YouTube, shared for viewing or editing in the online Moovly User Gallery or downloaded with the click of a button.

Today, Moovly is used in education, businesses of any size and government, non-government and non-profit organizations. Moovly is also adopted by private consumers and broadcasters to create videos that explain, promote, engage, inspire, educate and entertain. Videos can be played on mobile devices, TV screens, digital billboards and more.

Moovly makes video content reusable, easy to edit, fast to update and translatable, all in-house. Platform flexibility and powerful API mean Moovly can offer, custom styles and branded libraries, white-labelled and custom skinned interfaces, single sign-on high-level security, quality of service priority queuing, premium support and commercial other services.

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For further information please contact:

Brendon Grunewald
President, CEO and Director
Phone: +1 778-888-7336

Dan Whittle
Phone: +1 604-639-4486
Toll free: +1 866-413-3069

Thorsten Strauss
Marketing Director
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