Top 6 Tips For Creating a Successful Social Video

Social video is a trending topic for brands, marketers, publishers, or pretty much anyone with an interest to enhance their success on social media. The concept of a social video can cover a lot of ground. Whether it’s a well-crafted SuperBowl commercial or a raw live stream through Facebook, as long as it’s designed to be seen and shared through social networks.

Nowadays, if content is a king, social video can surely be named its kingdom. There is no sight to our endless appetite for video content, expecting videos to account for more than 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019. The online engagement is video-led, so, you better get acknowledged with the best practices to propel your social media.

Here are top 6 tips for creating a successful social video:

Social Video Tip 1: Focus on the story, not the sale

What are your feelings about hard selling techniques as constant cold calls, enormous billboards, or TV ads that don’t even bring that powerful influence anymore? Of course, nobody likes to feel being sold to. That’s how storytelling became a new sales pitch. The rule for video marketing stays the same as for any written content: concentrate on the value you provide and a need you fulfill.

To connect with your audiences, you need to create psychological mood swings that make them feel on the edge of their seat. For instance, happy – sad – happy. The classic three-way storytelling act enhances any story. To implement this technique, introduce characters to build a connection, introduce conflict to grab attention, and provide a resolution to make your audience understand the moral of a story.

That’s the way storytelling helps to create a personal brand that resonates with your audience and delivers a message that touches that emotional chord. Let the personality of your brand come through loud and clear through storytelling.

Social Video Tip 2: Ten seconds to shine

Social media is all about instant gratification. Users are interested to consume content fast, keep up with the latest news, get information on the trending topics, or be entertained for a moment. 80% of social content is now consumed on the phone where users can find a lot of distraction. Short-form videos can be of great benefit, allowing users to get clued-into a story while on the go. Nowadays, less is more. Therefore, marketers, designers, and copywriters should be ready to start investing more time into micro-videos.

According to HubSpot’s research, the recommended time frames for social videos are the following: 26 seconds for Instagram videos, 45 seconds for Twitter, 1 minute for Facebook, and around 2 minutes for YouTube. Overall, marketers have 10 seconds to capture viewers’ attention before they will click away or scroll down. If you haven’t engaged your audience after the first 30 seconds, at this point you’ve already lost 33 percent of viewers. It’s time to be to the point.

Social Video Tip 3: One-size-fits-all doesn’t work

Consumers have turned to social media with a desire to receive information specifically tailored to their interests, otherwise, it’s only a click, a tap or a swipe away for them to be gone from your video. The main thing is to identify the emotions that you want to draw out depending on your audience’s profile and implement them in a strategy of your social video.

Relevance is always a key. Especially now when it’s easier to be done with the current proliferation of data we are able to get from a customer journey. That, obviously, should be done with respect to the GDPR regulations. Relevance goes hand-in-hand with transparency. Therefore, it’s vital to partner with clients to shape relevant experiences of all the audiences, the one you have and the one you want.

Social Video Tip 4: Choose one behavior-changing goal

Social videos play a major part in an overall marketing strategy of your brand, which means you are working towards one shared end goal of changing some behavior. Make sure you provide a clear call to action (CTA) and encourage users to act.

The CTAs are created based on objectives you are trying to reach. Whether you’re trying to sell a product, drive your website traffic, increase press coverage, or, possibly, update your database with new email addresses, make sure to let your viewers know what do you want them to do next.

Social Video Tip 5: Style & Native distribution

To make your social videos successful, it’s worth working on your brand’s unique visual aesthetic. Creating a look for a certain genre of videos and using it as a template will be a long-term investment for your future video content. It also brings an outstanding style to social videos you produce. In addition, implement a proper video orientation according to the social network you choose and go with squared videos for a better mobile-first experience.

Take a look below to know how to easily make a professional-looking squared video for your social media:

Native video, as a video created or uploaded on social networks, is now a dominant element of major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and now LinkedIn. The main benefit of a native video is its higher priority comparing to other pieces of content. For instance, in a situation with Facebook that prioritizes native videos and let them autoplay, there was found 10 times higher engagement of native videos compared to YouTube links. On top of that, native distribution gives access to better analytics. These analytics are so detailed and accurate that they alone are a major reason to implement native social video distribution.

Social Video Tip 6: Drive SEO value

Descriptions are everything when it comes to SEO for videos. They allow search engines to make sense of what your video is all about by understanding the internal content. Make sure to invest your time in good metadata, such as relevant keywords, unique titles and compelling descriptions. They are a must.

Google displays a thumbnail for video results, which stresses the importance of choosing the right thumbnail. Moreover, consider transcribing your video content to cater to different reader preferences. It can either be done with a full word-to-word transcription for more SEO engagement opportunities or with text highlights for long videos to entertain with captivating content.

With all of these points in mind, we’re now able to conclude a sufficient answer to our original question. Social video’s true success lies in managing science and art: combining a data-based understanding of its audience with an unbounded amount of creativity and design, as well as a well-built distribution strategy and a clear idea of what it strives to reach.

Top 6 Tips For Creating a Successful Social Video
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Top 6 Tips For Creating a Successful Social Video
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