Business Ethics

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This customizable video template helps to explain company business ethics to employees and to define the organization’s policy on ethical decision making, including conflicting interests, legal compliance matters, and other business conduct matters. Most companies and organizations have a defined set of core values or principles which they try to abide by.

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Template Content:

How to make ethical decisions in our organization?

Why is ethical conduct important?

  • Your actions and decisions affect our organization
  • We need to earn our reputation every day
  • Our organization has values and ethical standards everyone needs to respect

Who is affected?

Your ethical actions and decisions affect:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Partners
  • Employees
  • Shareholders

Ethical versus legal: not always the same

  • Ethical vs Unethical
  • Legal vs. Illegal

Making ethical decisions

  • Think carefully and check with others when in doubt
  • Avoid illegal or political activities, conflicting financial interests or privileges
  • If you encounter something unethical, report it or do something about it

Tips and help

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  • Your supervisor
  • HR
  • EHS

Video template

Video template