Privacy and GDPR

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This customizable video template can be used to inform employees about the privacy policy and GDPR as a vital part of it. It provides in-depth information on what GDPR is, as well as tips to increase privacy protection. This video template can be used to help educate employees on how to be GDPR compliant. Every company or organization collects, uses and stores data on employees and customers, therefore it needs to have a privacy policy in line with the laws of its country of residence.

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Template Content:

Data protection 

How to deal with personal data?

Data shared by people online

  • Email addresses
  • Social media posts
  • Location details
  • Websites visited
  • IP address

What is GDPR?

  • European regulation
  • General Data Protection Regulation

How to deal with data from customers, suppliers, partners, employees

  • Privacy protection tips
  • Be transparent
  • Limit the purpose
  • Minimize data
  • Be accurate
  • Respect the Data retention period
  • Secure all data
  • You are accountable

Who to contact in case of questions?

Video template

Video template