Video Template

This customizable video template helps Human Resources easily communicate an onboarding process to employees through a video. It’s essential to bring new employees up to speed as soon as possible and help them acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors in order to become effective. This video template contains common onboarding topics such as an organization’s mission statement, company timeline, office locations, organizational structure, and first-day priorities.

What can you change in this video? 

Change colors

Add voiceover, change music 

Add logos, upload branded assets 

Change pictures or videos

Switch the content order

Add or delete parts

Template Content:

Our Organization’s Mission Statement

A bit of history… 

  • a Timeline showing e.g. company founding, growth, milestones…

Our offices 

  • an office location map

Our organization structure 

  • organization chart

Your first day: Priorities

  • Check out our intranet and explore the available sources
  • Get introduced to your colleagues
  • Talk to your supervisor to plan your first weeks

How/where to find help

Video template

Video template