Managing Stress

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This customizable video template helps explaining to employees what stress is, along with tips on how to relieve stress in the workplace. While a small amount of work stress is normal and can help people to stay focused, excessive stress can cause lower productivity and impact health. Stress management techniques can help employees deal with this stress in a healthy way.

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Template Content:

Stress in the Workplace

Tips to reduce and manage stress in your job

What is stress?

Stress is our body’s response to unexpected expectations, pressures or demands

Causes of stress

  • Constant interruptions
  • Work overload
  • Poor communications
  • Lack of control
  • Organizational changes
  • Long hours
  • Personal problems
  • Deadlines
  • Workplace culture

Types of stress

  • Stress level vs. performance
  • Inactive - laid back - fatigue - exhaustion - panic - burnout

Tips to reduce stress: do’s and don’ts

  • Set realistic goals
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Communicate: talk to colleagues or supervisor
  • Use your sense of humor
  • Don’t be a perfectionist
  • Don’t accept everything. Learn to say “No”
  • Don’t focus on problems but on possibilities
  • Don’t skip breaks or lunch

Getting help

Contact your HR representative

Video template

Video template