3 color combinations that work in your Moovly videos

3 Color Combinations that Work

When creating a video, your content is not the only element you need to pay attention to. The design of your video can make it or break it. One aspect of the design of your video is the color palette you choose to use. Picking color combinations that work well together is a great start to creating beautiful video designs and achieving visual harmony.

If you don’t want to confuse your audience or scare them away with cluttered designs it’s important not to use too many colors. Three or four colors should do the trick: you can use these colors either as background base, foreground tones or accent colors. It’s up to you to choose which colors you use for which purpose. 

Be sure to choose colors that suit your subject, your style or your brand. For consistency, use the same color palette throughout your video.

Below are a couple of color combinations you can use in your videos.

1.  Pastel color combinations

Pastel colors are great if you want your video to look calm and soft. These less-saturated colors work well when using larger color blocks, which makes them great for infographic style videos: such videos have a simple style and by using pastels the end result won’t be overwhelming as the colors won’t overpower each other. Pastel colors can also give your video a retro feeling.

Frozen Leaves Color Combinations for animated videos makers                Rainy Day Color Combinations you can use when you make animated video
Frozen leaves: BCD2C8, F6F4F1, D9A095, A36167       Rainy day: 484452, F8F2DA, C7AFBD, DDECEF


2.  Monochromatic color combinations

A monochromatic color scheme contains shade and tint variations of a single hue. Different tones of one color create a feeling of harmony and balance in your video.

If you prefer to add more contrast to your content, you can also try an analogous color scheme. The colors in this scheme are adjacent to each other and offer more richness to your video than the monochromatic color scheme. A very useful tool to find monochromatic and analogous colors is the Adobe Color CC color wheel.

Tropical Green Color Combinations you can use making animated videos                Sweet Summer Color Combinations to use making animated video
Tropical green: 3B650A, 5E8D27, B1D983, D3EEB4      Sweet summer: 3B57E0, 41A8E8, 55FFF5, 41E88F


3.  Bright color combinations 

Use bright colors with white or black or combine a dark grey with neon colors to create contrast. This will make your video look more vibrant and energetic. Keep in mind that these bright colors can be overwhelming when overused. If you decide to use bright colors, make sure that your message still comes across by limiting the amount of text and images in your video. In other words, keep it simple!

Bright Blue Color Combinations you can use to make an animated presentation                Pumpkin Spice Color Combinations you can use when you make an animated presentation
Bright blue: F6F4F1, 7EEEF8                                             Pumpkin spice: F6F4F1, C86913


Extra Tips

  1. Have a great image that you want to use as a background in your video? Color Hunter helps you to find a matching color palette. Just upload the image or paste the image URL and the tool proposes a color palette that perfectly matches your image!
  2. You can also apply a filter to your image by putting a transparent object over it and adjusting that object’s color and opacity. Take a look at the images above for some examples.
  3. Want to use the same colors that we used in one of the examples? Enter the color codes mentioned below each example above in the Moovly Color Picker and you're all set!
  4. Keep an eye on this Pinterest board for more beautiful color palettes you can use in your next video!