3 way to make your video presentation more interactive

3 Ways to Make Your Video Presentation More Interactive

‘’Video marketing is the future’’. This statement is nothing new, and you probably have heard us say it before. Wouldn't it be great, however, to know what exact part of video marketing is set to dominate the future and explode into becoming the next big thing? 

Have you ever heard of interactive videos?

Interactive videos are not necessarily something new to the world of video or marketing. You, yourself have likely come across interactive videos in the past. 

Read on to find out more about how to make your animated videos more interactive. Already got a creative interactive idea? Sign up here for free and get started on your video animation right away!

What are interactive videos?

Let's start with the basics. What exactly is an interactive video? Just as it sounds, interactive videos give viewers the opportunity not only to watch your video but rather be involved in your video. Viewers can swipe, click, and engage with your video through several features.

Want to know the cool thing about interactive video and possibly the main reason why they are about to blow up? Measurement.

Unlike your standard video, interactive videos allow you to measure the level of interaction and engagement. So whether you use a simple click through banner or a form of lead capture, interactive videos allows you to measure and act upon your video marketing result.

Now that you know what interactive videos are, it's time to go through with you just how to make your animated video more interactive.

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1) Interactive storytelling

To put it simply, an interactive story is where a viewer influences the outcome of your animated video’s storyline. The next question is, why should your video animation take on interactive storytelling?

Your audience wants to experience new things. They want to interact. Giving your audience the opportunity to make decisions change the outcome can result in a greater emotional connection. Once your viewers are emotionally connected with your animated video, they become loyal. 

2) Simplify complex information with tailored made videos

For some people, the task of creating a video presentation is rather easy. They have one core audience which takes up the main focus of their animated video, but what about the other people and companies who have to appeal to several demographics in one common audience group?

For example, let's say your company wants to make an animated video designed to inform and educate your current employees on new legislations affecting their roles. Do you create one video and have your employees sit through the whole thing? Or do you create multiple videos directed at the different roles? 

The correct answer is a bit of both. Why not create a video animation whereby employees can choose their particular role/ situation in the company, which then allows tailored information to be presented without the need of creating multiple videos.

3) Ask questions, and tailor your video presentation with the answers

One way to make your video presentation more interactive is by giving the viewers the opportunity to choose their own path, similar to interactive storytelling.

However, unlike interactive storytelling, whereby the viewers are selecting options based on interest or randomity, make your animated video ask questions. As your viewers answer more and more questions, more personalized and relevant content will appear. When your video presentation viewers answer their questions, they instantly eliminate any irrelevant information. 

Instead of creating the standard video presentation, make it interactive and create a video that will engage your viewers. Of course, before you can make your animated video interactive, you have to start with creating the animations first. Get started on your free Moovly videos right now and bring your animations to life!