5 Video Projects Every Teacher Should Try!

Jul 20, 2016


Do you remember how happy you were every time you saw your teacher wheel in the television? It was like Christmas had come early!

Fast forward to today and video is still loved. In fact, video has evolved and become an integral educational tool in the classroom. Almost all students love creating videos, and your class projects can become even more fun with Moovly. You can sign up here for your free Moovly license and get started on creating your animations today!

Here are our top 5 video projects that you should try with your students right away!

1) Introduce yourself with video

School has begun, and you are about to meet your students for the first time. Fresh from other teacher introductory talks, your students enter your classroom take a seat and prepare themselves for another verbal talk.

Why not shake things up and do your introductory talk through an animated video? Sure, you don’t have to do your whole 10 minute introduction through video, but a short 1 minute video will surely break the ice. Let your students know who you are, what your hobbies are, what type of music you are into and what your favorite film is. Give your students something that they can relate to! Once you are done, challenge your students to create a similar video. Students can feel more comfortable expressing themselves digitally.

Moovly has a range of pre-made animated characters for you to use. If you can’t find one that best suits you, you can always import your own assets!

2) Make an Animated book trailer

Convincing students (especially younger ones) to pick up a book can be one of the most challenging tasks for both teachers and parents. Reading is fundamental, and in this day and age, there seems to be a preference for watching videos. Having said that, it shouldn’t mean that video has to drown out reading. Far from it. Why not use video to promote literature? Challenge your students to create an animated movie styled trailer about their favorite book that will excite their classmates and inspire them to read that very book.

Moovly contains a large variety of animation objects in different styles. If the book your students have chosen is fun and friendly, why not use the Colorful Cartoon Style? A more fictional book? Check out the Infographic style Library! You can find out more about The Moovly Libraries here.

3) Create a How-To-Video

Creating a how-to-video is a perfect way for your students to practice their informative writing skills. A how-to video (also known as an explainer video) is a typically a short video which breaks something down into its simplest form and explains what it is, what it does or how it works.

Letting your students create a how-to video will give them the perfect opportunity to develop their writing skills. How-to-videos commonly require scripts that speak directly to the viewers, that tell a story and convey a message, and this needs the right tone and pace, all within typically 60 seconds. Once they have perfected their script, let your students record themselves reading their script out loud. Expect them to go through a couple of voice overs until they record their script with clarity and confidence.

You can add the voice overs in Moovly and Synchronize them with your animations. Here’s how to add your sound in Moovly.

4) Try out Digital Storytelling

You may be wondering what exactly digital storytelling entails? To put it simply, digital storytelling is where students create or recreate a story through the use of photographs, videos, animation, music, sound, text and very often a narrative voice.

The possibilities for digital storytelling in the classroom are endless. Digital storytelling can be used to cover a range of topics, including personal tales, historical events, and fictional stories.

Moovly has a range of graphical assets that can be utilized and animated to tell a story. With over 100 graphical items, you surely will find something that you need. However, if you still can’t find that special asset needed for your story, you can always input your own assets.

Did you know Moovly has a range of pre-made customizable templates for you to use? If you don’t want to start your Moov video from scratch, just choose a template and get started on your story!

5) Create an animated report

Not everyone likes numbers. Creating an animated report is a great way to promote engagement for both the student and the teacher. Presenting reports can be tough for students. There is a lot of data and research that they want to show but can sometimes come off as too lifeless. Animations can help add some excitement. Having interactive graphs and tables can not only help emphasise on a point but can also be more captivating.

Start planning your classroom projects this summer with Moovly.

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