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Create your own free animations with Moovly

By now, you should know we are big admirers on animations. After all, we are a video animation maker. “Creating animations” tends to be met with a challenging and demanding impression. Who ever said creating animations is hard work? They surely never tried using Moovly. 

Creating animations with Moovly is super easy and can be done in a short period. Before we go into more detail about creating free animations, we need to address the big question, what is Moovly?

Online animation software

Not only is Moovly a free video animation maker, but the software is completely cloud-based. What this means is that you don't have to download any software to get started on your first video. You Just need a browser and access to the internet to create your animated video.

You can sign up here, and get started on creating your free animations right away. When creating your animations, you have the choice of three licenses to choose from. These include the Moovly Free account, the popular Plus account, and the advanced Pro account. 

Here is what you can expect from the Free Moovly License: 

  • Upload your own images and sounds into your Personal Library.
  • Create animated videos up to 10 minutes long
  • Make use of hundreds of animated objects.
  • Download and share your created animations offline and online.  

Multiple Animation Libraries

The Moovly animation library is huge! Literally. With over 1000 animated items spread out over 4 unique standard graphical object libraries, you surely will find the perfect animated content. Let's look into the different animation Libraries that you can find on Moovly.

The Doodle Maker Style

Great for creating explainer videos, the Doodle Marker Style (also known as whiteboard) is a fan favorite. Creating your animations using the Doodle Marker style will ensure your video catches the eye of professionals and entertains your viewers.  The Doodle Marker style is an excellent way to explain complex ideas through creative animations.

Check out this Moov which explains what a vector is.

The Infographic Style

Another favorite Library is the Infographic Style. When creating your free animations, this is the perfect library when going for a more professional and corporate feel.  Similar to the Doodle Marker Library, the Infographic animation style is thriving amongst explainer videos.

The Colourful Cartoon Style

When creating cartoons, this animation style is simply awesome. It's friendly, bright, playful and incredibly fun. It's everything you want when creating your cartoons. This animation library can be accessed with the Moovly Plus and Pro licenses. 

The Paper Cut-Out Style

The final Moovly library (for now!) Is the crafty Paper Cut-out style. We love using this animation Library, it's creative and canny. Want to use this animation style? You will have to upgrade from your free Moovly license to a Pro or Plus one first. 

Publish, share and download your video

Unlike a couple of other video animation makers, which we compared in our previous blog, you can download, publish and share your created animations.  Once you have created your animated video, share them with Moovly and our users! We want to see what you have created!

Alternatively, you can also share your created animated video to your Youtube Channel or directly to your Facebook profile.

Create your animations for your business

Creating your animated videos for your business has never been easier with Moovly. Whether you want to create an explainer video or create a free cartoon, it all possible with the Moovly free account. Animations have the power to tell your story in a memorable way. They can help convey your message and grab your audience's attention. 

Of course, creating your animations for your business is free! For those of you however that want to take your animations to the next level, you can always upgrade your account in the future. Here's how you can take advantage of the business features on Moovly.

Are you ready to create your animations? Sure you are! You can sign up here for your free license and get started on creating your animated video.