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Free Alternative to PowerPoint for the Best Video Slideshow Animations

Aug 23, 2016

Everyone agrees that Microsoft Office PowerPoint is becoming a little outdated. At one point or another, we have all suffered “death by PowerPoint” because of its lack of flair and creativity. PowerPoint might be the current industry standard for presentations, but it’s got its fair share of critics (case in point: the Anti PowerPoint Party). On top of that, a number of powerful online alternative to Powerpoint tools are gaining ground by offering more dynamic animated slideshow solutions.

A powerful free animation software tool, which can be easily used as an alternative to PowerPoint when creating presentations – be it for personal, educational or business use – is Moovly. So what makes this free video editing software tool such a strong alternative to PowerPoint?

No license key needed

There are no frustrating license keys needed or verification processes with this animated video maker. You simply sign up and begin making your animated presentations. This bolsters the claim that Moovly is possibly the easiest and best video creation software as an alternative to PowerPoint.

No need to download or install presentation software

With this Moovly presentation maker there is no need to hassle with bulky downloads or installing software. Simply create an account, log-in, and start creating your animation or slideshow.

With no need to install this video creation software there is no technical barrier for anyone, with the added benefit that you save a ton of space on your computer. There are no large files to be saved like with other video editing software tools, allowing you to keep your hard drive free.

Moovly is probably the most flexible and easy-to-use alternative to PowerPoint on the internet. Allowing you to simply animate text and images in a browser-based video editor.

100% online animated video maker

Unlike Microsoft Office PowerPoint, everything is online, so you don’t have to be home on your computer to learn how to make an animation. You don’t have to worry about installing animated video creation software tools, just sign in on any computer and you’re ready to create, animate and present.

This online video maker is available anywhere in the world. Get online and use Moovly as your animated video maker tool. Pick up from where you left off, add text to images, make an animation and get ready to present! This versatility is not something PowerPoint offers unless both computers have Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed.

Having everything backed up to the cloud on a secure server is where online animated video creation tools excel: if for any reason you lose your PowerPoint, you have to start over again. Thanks to the cloud, with Moovly you don’t have this worry, you can rest easy knowing your animated videos are safe and secure.

Moovly – the best alternative to PowerPoint

Moovly has many animated graphics, sounds and templates available to add to your own library and use in your presentations, saving you precious time. This means that your animated videos look professional even with limited knowledge and skills. Check out some user created content for some inspiration.

No matter what operating system or browser you’re using, Moovly’s free video editing software caters for everyone. Chrome? Firefox? Thanks to Moovly there are no more battles over browser supremacy. This free animation software also supports Safari and Edge.

With Moovly, the ability to animate text and images is super easy; with our User Guide, tutorials and blogs full of handy tips and tricks you can easily create professional animated videos and presentations with a few clicks, even if it’s your first time learning how to make an animation. Moovly is a strong, reliable and professional alternative to PowerPoint.

Try Moovly today and create snazzy, animated presentations that capture the attention of your audience and don’t give them the urge to doze off.

Get started with Moovly!

Try Moovly today and create snazzy, animated presentations that capture the attention of your audience and don’t give them the urge to doze off.