Free Animation Software! Yep, that’s right, 2D animations for free!

2018 Update: The content mentioned in this blog no longer represents the main video direction of Moovly.

Instead of the emphasis on animation only, Moovly has now transitioned into a leading video-making platform that allows you to create professional-looking video content using animated transitions, infographics, and 75+ million stock videos, images, and sounds.

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In today’s environment, free animation software is widely accessible for the average video animator looking to create animations. Designers, educators, trainers and even marketers have realized the real value of creating animated videos as one of the key means of increasing audience engagement.

Where to get free animation software?

There are various resources available for creating 2D animations. The most effective and modern method is creating 2D animations through the use of online software. For the most part, creating 2D animations is not an expensive process. Sure, for the industry leading animation experts, using of the best 2D animation software can come at a costly expense. However, there are many free and free-trial 2D animation software solutions available, capable of creating awesome animations online. The big question remains, “Which free 2D animation software should I use”?

Try Moovly… 🙂 Did you know that Moovly is an easy and powerful animation software, accessible online to anyone with an internet connection? Moovly offers a full-featured free trial license, after which you can decide to upgrade to Pro subscription for $49 a month. Definitely, much less than almost all of the other animation tools you’ll find!


Which animation software is the easiest?

Let’s face it, creating animated videos can be a daunting experience. For beginners, After Effects is arguably a step in the wrong direction. After Effects animation software is incredibly powerful for professional video animators with graphical talent and experience, but for beginners, it can be a bit of a nuisance. Much like the old Flash animation software, After Effects is an expensive animation tool and makes use of sophisticated features which will only confuse beginners.

So which animation software is the easiest to use? Well, when it comes to 2D animation software, Moovly is by far one of the most well-rounded animation programs, with a clean looking interface and great features. What is it that makes Moovly the easiest animation tool compared to the likes of Powtoon, Wideo, GoAnimate, Prezi or Animaker?

Right from the launch, Moovly was designed to be extremely user-friendly and straightforward. Tried and tested, we made sure that creating animated videos with Moovly is an easy and joyful experience. With Moovly you can create your animated video in no time, taking advantage of the drag and drop interface. Just browse the object libraries and look for the animated asset you wish to use, and drag it onto the “Stage”. There are over 500,000 assets for you to choose from across the multiple Moovly libraries: animated objects, motion graphics, animated backgrounds, stock photos and videos, illustrations, royalty-free sounds and music, all free for you to use in your content! You will surely find something for your animated video project.

But that’s not all. With Moovly, you can also make use of pre-animated templates called “Clips”. Clips are fully customizable, meaning you can customize and adapt them to your requirements in a fast and easy manner!

Another feature which makes Moovly one of the easiest animation tools out there is the ability to use a growing list of default animation effects. Moovly allows you to apply animation effects to your objects, such as “Move and Zoom”, “Fade in” or “Fly out”. Simply choose your animation effect and voila!

Want to find out just how easy Moovly’s 2D animation software is? Start here!

Which animation software should I use?

Before creating your first animated video, you’re most probably going to ask yourself “Which animation software should I use”? GoAnimate, Powtoon, Prezi, Wideo, Animaker… The list of the best 2D animation software tools goes on.

Here’s why your next animated video should be made with Moovly: Moovly is a cloud-based animation software that doesn’t require any downloads. As we mentioned above, Moovly uses a drag-and-drop feature which helps promote the platform’s easy to use animation software.

Moovly also features many animation libraries, most of which are fully available on Moovly’s Free Trial license – so you can experience almost all of it! Here’s what you can expect from each of the animation libraries which help position Moovly as the best 2D animation software.


The Doodle Marker animation library

Moovly’s Doodle Marker graphic style is a very recognizable animation library, popular amongst many users looking to create an animated explainer video. Check out this video animation created with Moovly’s Doodle Marker library:

The Infographics style animation library

The Infographics style is another one of Moovly’s popular animation libraries. Similar to the Doodle Marker animation library, Infographics style animations are commonly used to explain certain topics and ideas, in a more corporate approach.

The Clean Graphics Style library

With over 100 different clean, simplified graphical elements, the Clean Graphics library is ideal for professional videos and works great to attract you audience and put emphasis on the message you want to get across.

Animation software for business use

Gone are the days where businesses would need to buy Flash animation software and pay an animation expert to create a 30-second animation video. The rise of online video animation software has created a sense of urgency amongst marketers and brands. More and more marketing videos produced are making use of beautiful 2D animations. It’s time for you to jump on the animation train and engage your audience with animated content!

You can use Moovly’s animation software for free for a whole month to create stunning animated videos without any design skills or specialized training. With Moovly, you can create animated videos yourself in a cost effective way. Have a look at the staff picks of our User Gallery to check out what other users have made with Moovly!

Below are a few different examples of the types of videos that you can create on Moovly’s 2D animation platform:

  • Animated explainer videos. Educate your viewers about your product or service through an animated explainer video. With Moovly, you have unlimited animated objects available, perfect for creating an explainer video.
  • Training videos. When it comes to live training seminars, there’s a lot to take in. Why not create an animated training video, which your staff, students or other audiences can watch and follow from the comfort of their home?
  • Brand awareness video. To create a video that helps you meet your marketing goals, you need your potential customers to recall your brand. Connect with your potential audience on a personal level by sharing stories and testimonials, using video.

If you are looking to make your brand shine, Moovly offers you a business solution. With a Moovly Business License, you can create fully customized animated videos that meet your brand guidelines and corporate requirements.

Free animation software for education

It’s no secret that both kids and adults universally love animation. While animation has been cemented across the entertainment industry for years, animation in learning has only started to gain some serious traction. Animation is a powerful way to improve knowledge retention and simplify complex ideas. Animation can also add humor. It can make learning more interactive and engaging. 2D animation in the classroom should be used to support and add value. You don’t want to pay a fortune to use animation software or spend half your evenings learning complicated animation tools.

Moovly offers a free Education license to all users with an email address from an official educational domain, such as .edu,, etc. An ideal solution you want to use Moovly for classroom projects or assignments and have your pupils or students make their own animated explainer videos. More information is available on our Education solution pages.

Publish, share and download your free animations

Did you know that during the Free Trial of Moovly, you can share and publish your animations at no additional costs? Publish your animated video on the Moovly Gallery or share your created animations directly on YouTube and Facebook!


Here are our top 3 tips to help get you started with your 2D animation video.

  • Choose animated elements that evoke emotions. Choose background music or an animation style that is suitable to your topic and that your audience can relate to.
  • Focus on one topic at a time. Avoid creating a full-length animated feature. Complex animations will only overwhelm your viewers. Keep your animated video simple!
  • Pair visuals with audio! Audio has the power to create an emotional setting. Synchronize your created animations with some background music or a narration.

And there you have it.

You can get started with Moovly right away, from within your browser. There’s no need to download and install any sort of video animation software, Moovly is entirely cloud-based! It’s time to create animations and bring them to life: sign up here for your Free Trial of Moovly and get started on creating your video!