Hans’ User Story: A Moovly user in Education

Feb 27, 2017

I am a former policy officer at Regional Teaching Centre ROC Nijmegen (the Netherlands). This is a facility where students can follow courses in secondary vocational and adult education.

I support teachers in applying ICT in education, bearing in mind that ICT is only a means of educating, and the teacher is what matters most. In this light, I have developed digital didactics courses in Moovly and Prezi, and I helped make @OnderwijsOnline available as an electronic learning environment.

Short Videos for Educational Purposes

I quickly recognized the possibilities of short videos and ‘knowledge clips’ for educational purposes. Especially through the ‘Flipping the classroom’ principle, a teacher has more time to answer questions from students and discuss the course material in depth. Speaking from experience, students even use these short videos as extra support while studying for exams.

Moovly is a great tool for making short instructional movies. Every teacher can start using this with a free educational account. If you need help, take a look at the useful videos in the Moovly Academy or ask for the possibilities of a tailor-made course for your team or school by emailing

Of course, Moovly can be used for many more activities. For instance, for giving instructions about school regulations, or for the promotion of your school or open learning center.

What about giving your students an exercise where they have to make a Moov of what they just learned?

Making animations is easy and intuitive. The result is fun and easily applicable in a learning situation. Just try it out.