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Royalty Free Music Tracks for your Moovly Videos

Jun 24, 2015


Finding the right music tracks for your videos is not an easy task. It not only needs to suit your company and audience, but it should also support your message. On top of that it’s not always easy to know which tracks you can use, which ones are copyrighted and how you need to credit the track. That’s why we added 10 new royalty free tracks to our Marketplace!

These sounds each reflect different genres, moods and emotions. They are designed to support videos that contain a voice-over: the melodies are not too complex (but still catchy enough) so the music doesn’t overpower your message. Of course you can also use the tracks if your video doesn’t contain a voice-over!

You can freely use these music tracks in your Moovly videos, no need mention any authors or a source! You’re also free to use the entire track or just a part of it.

How can you add these music tracks to your account?

Easily add these Moovly music tracks to your account with a one-time purchase. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Sound section in the Marketplace
  • Listen to the music tracks
  • Make your choice
  • Click the buy button

Once you’ve purchased a sound it will go to a separate library called “Marketplace Objects” in your Moovly Library. You can select this library in the Moovly Library drop-down menu in the Editor:

  • Open the drop-down menu just below the “Moovly Library” title
  • Check the box in front of “Marketplace Objects”
  • Close the drop-down menu to view or use the purchased tracks.

The Moovly music tracks can be managed and edited like all other sounds you use in Moovly: adjust their timing and volume, add animation effects to them and combine them with other sounds.

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