Top 8 Video Marketing Concepts To Boost Your Traffic

We live in an era of intense and unrelenting competition for the spotlight. This exists on a personal level, but it also exists on a business level, where companies will constantly be working to discover some new technique, some fresh trick for generating interest and attention in their products.

The big companies will invest millions of dollars into experts in this field and potentially hundreds of millions of dollars into executing the campaigns deemed necessary to be successful in marketing. It’s a frightening prospect for companies who are just starting out and, the more that the internet becomes a primary point of focus for marketing efforts, the more multi-dimensional and potentially complex the fight for mastering marketing becomes.

Internet-based marketing is most terrifying in the freedom it affords you. Naturally, freedom is simultaneously a real blessing for the minds behind marketing and an acute moment of agoraphobia, as the limitless forms of marketing you could adopt or potentially come up against in competition with other companies dawns on you.

However, the solution isn’t to run scared. No, the real challenge is realizing your potential in this vastly complex and varied world, recognizing the untapped potential for success that is lying at the tip of your fingers or, rather, your mouse.

One of the tools that you have available to you through the internet is video marketing.

Though the internet has existed for a long while now, video marketing is made increasingly effective as an option as the convenience and speed with which people are able to watch video content online increases. With the dominance of 4G and the 5G future just sitting over the hill, people are able to watch video content through their smartphones without any delay, most of the time. Even recording your own video content is not a necessity in this day and age, with the availability of stock video online.

This represents a wonderful opportunity to a marketer looking to forge a unique and appealing path towards increasing traffic through marketing. It doesn’t require anything more than some good, old-fashioned creativity and a little comprehension of how best to give yourself the advantage through your campaign.

So, without further delay, here are 8 video marketing ideas to help you achieve the largest volume of traffic you can.

Tell A Story

As much as it is easy to forget, using a video means working in a creative medium. If you spend all the time and effort to produce video content and then it comes out boring, dry, unengaging or anything even remotely in that field, you might as well have marketed using a graph or a block of text. You have to ensure that the medium is justified and telling a story through your video marketing is one vital way to do this.

“Telling a story through your marketing also encourages the click. It inspires the person viewing it to find their way onto your site by being hooked in through rhetoric. It’s actually completely logical when you pause to think about it”, says James Ellaway, video blogger at WriteMyx and NextCoursework.

Ensuring that your audience is engaged by the story you are telling is an excellent method to hook them into your site, which will give you that boost in traffic which you are after. Storytelling can mean anything from literally telling a made-up story, to threading a subtle narrative through your marketing in an enticing way. It oughtn’t to be too contrived, and it may require the advice and consultation of an expert to ensure that it works on a narrative level.

Social Media Is Vital

A huge amount of marketing of all sorts is now consigned to the fast-moving, intense world of social media, particularly video. The layout and the flow of information that most social media accounts have embraced across the years encourages users to view content since it is so easy to view.

Adverts can be integrated into a timeline or feed that is guaranteed to bring you viewers. However, it has its own unique set of issues. For example, formatting video for social media can be hard, particularly in relation to aspect ratios. Furthermore, encouraging the click or tap to visit your site is incredibly difficult in the face of the scrolling metric by which social media lives. Drawing people out of the lull of browsing can be especially difficult in this environment. Nevertheless, it’s a must-explore area.


This isn’t the written word for what I’m describing since you’re operating with video, not text. But the practice of checking for errors and slips can be the difference between success and failure. Editors will normally handle this sort of thing, but it’s vital that you ensure that your content is error-proof.

It would be unprofessional to release misspelled text, so it’s as unprofessional to have technical issues with your videos or content which can’t support its claims with facts. It will also discourage a potential visitor from choosing to engage with your site, affecting your traffic. Watch out for this one. It’s subtle and potentially deadly, so devote the time you need to it.

Workshop Your Idea

Video production, as opposed to releasing an image-based advertisement, or a text-based marketing approach, can be easily perceived as extremely time-consuming, inconvenient and potentially expensive. But it isn’t. To make your video production simple and easy while still producing a perfect end-result, give a shot to a video making tool Moovly. This tool makes video creation easy in the editor, and it offers a ton of great templates that could help you create the best videos out there. The videos produced in Moovly look stunning but the process is very simple, streamlined and efficient.

Workshop the idea and run tests on sample groups, seeing whether your idea is more or less likely to produce a click that some other idea. It might seem tedious at the time and it could even make you feel as if you are losing creative momentum, but you’ll thank me in the end.

Examine Your Target Audience

One of the biggest flaws with marketing of all sorts is the failure to direct marketing.

“It’s a bit paradoxical for some companies, those striving to cast the net as wide as possible, but marketing is infinitely more effective when it is conducted with a true and grounded understanding of who it is for. You’re better off alienating 15,000 people and guaranteeing yourself the interest of 5,000 than crossing your fingers and gambling on 20,000 people”, notes Charles Carmichael, tech writer at BritStudent and Australia2Write.

This is especially true of filmed content, since it is inherently more polarizing, meaning you are able to really harness this and target your chosen demographic with real intensity. Doing this is far more likely to lead to clicks, as people see themselves in the figures represented in your work.

Consider Devices

The modern world is full of endless varieties of ways for viewing the same sites and pages. This is something which is overlooked and must be addressed for successful video marketing. For example, it is not as simple as a computer (meaning desktop or laptop) vs mobile. A single social media page or feed could be viewed on a desktop, a laptop, a smartphone running iOS, a smartphone running Android, a smartphone through virtual reality, a tablet, a tablet laptop, a PlayStation, XBOX or another gaming console, etc.

There is an intimidating range of options and, when it comes to video playback, it is vital that you capture all that is pertinent to you. Ignoring this could be fatal, especially if you are advertising through social media or something similar. You’ll need to consult with media experts on this, but it’s well worth the effort.

Run Analytics

There is a range of benefits to video analysis. The most important from a marketing perspective is all about repeatability and learning from results. One video marketing campaign, success or not, opens the door for another. The experience of completing one gives you some of the tools and inspiration to follow that up. It will be far, far easier to do that effectively and efficiently if you have analyzed the performance of your initial video thoroughly. It gives you a launchpad for success on the second try, or further success if you’re coming off the back of a victory. Learning from your results will also teach you about how to more efficiently package your video marketing since you’re not only judging your clicks as an indicator of quality but also of convenience and user experience.

The second major impact that analysis of your work and its performance can have will be to do with making live alterations to your work. By this, I mean that choosing your desired posting locations and clicking upload isn’t the end of that campaign. There’s a lot more flexibility when it comes to optimal positioning and meta-marketing, the idea of promoting your promotional material. This flexibility is important, since, what might appear as a failure initially, can be turned around if the thorough, effective analysis is done on why the campaign isn’t having the desired initial effects that it should have.

Watch, Watch, Watch

Just in the same way that no great film director ever became great without consuming the work of other great directors, it is vital that you stay on top of the competition. This could mean a variety of things, including effective networking with professionals in the field. But the primary sense in which I mean it refers to consuming the work of your peers to inform your own video marketing performance.

Learn what works and what doesn’t from those around you and then implement that into your own output. Better yet, use it to improve on it, so that you exceed the work of your peers and cut ahead in the intensely competitive marketing field. It will always be a good investment of your time in the build-up to a campaign.


Video marketing is a vital tool for lots of companies and, when managed correctly, can lead directly to a marked increase in click-throughs. It trumps standard marketing through its creativity and its ability to capture an audience. However, it comes with its own set of difficulties. Hopefully, this list helps you get started and you find your own way to make an impact.

Katrina Hatchett, a tech blogger at Academic Brits and writer for Origin Writings, is involved in many business projects. She enjoys identifying project problems and find solutions for these, and her goal is to improve the effectiveness of our communication. She also writes for PhDKingdom blog.