Upload animated GIFs and transparent videos to your Personal Moovly Library, pause video clips or split them and handle the clips separately.

Video Footage Features: a Short Overview

In Moovly, you can easily combine animated objects from the Moovly Libraries with your own uploaded media, such as images, sounds and even video footage or animated GIFs. The video upload features are available to all users with a Plus or Pro license. The following tutorial demonstrates the animation effects that can be applied to video clips and animated GIFs in the Moovly Editor:

Video footage features

Moovly makes it easy to modify video footage: once you've dragged a video to the Stage, you can apply all standard animations to the clip, such as Fly in, Fade out Move and Zoom and more.

Just like when working with sounds you can modify the volume of a video clip in the Properties panel. You can also split a video clip: the original clip will be split over two layers, which gives you the possibility to handle the layers separately. This way you can easily add new content in between the two video fragments, or remove part of the video. (Tip: if you wish to turn down the volume a bit during certain parts of your video footage, first split the sound. Afterwards you can manage the volume of each fragment separately.)

Another great feature is pausing a video. This way you can freeze the playback of a video while you continue your story or explanation. Once you've paused your video you can still move the pause or adjust its duration. During this pause you can, for example, add other graphical objects or text over the frozen video.

You can also upload animated GIFs to your Personal Library by following the same steps as when uploading regular videos. To these animated GIFs, you can apply all standard animation effects. On top of that, you can split an animated GIF, pause it and control the length of the animation loop. 

If your uploaded video footage or animated GIFs contain transparent parts, such as a transparent background, these will also be preserved in Moovly.