Guide to Boost Your Search Ranking with Video SEO

After several Google updates, several website owners are beginning to warm up to the idea of long-term ranking SEO strategies.

It is about so much more than just gathering a chunk of links from different sites and maintaining proper redircets.

With a keen emphasis on content having a prime role in matters SEO, it is no surprise that SEO experts are tuning in to diverse ways of generating quality content. It explains the prominence of video type of material.

As technology keeps up with the different advances, particularly mobile devices, video SEO has slowly taken the front row of Google?s ranking factors.

To boost a search ranking for any website, top brands are having to do so much more.

Generate Social Shares

One of the most common ways that website owners use to show up on top of searches is to work on their link building strategies.

As this is not a rare concept for them, it could as well be integrated into video SEO for the top rank positions. The idea is to gather tons of high-quality links from online video content.

However, the trick is in the precision in quality and exceptionality of the videos.

To generate social shares, the video content you produce must appeal to the target audience, so much that they are drawn to share it on different social media platforms.

That said, video content worth a high-rank position must excite, amaze, entertain, make people laugh, shock them, educate them, or a combination of all these traits.

Using Video on a Landing Page

A landing page is an opportunity to make a positive, long-lasting first impression, enough to convert a new visitor into a frequent one, and eventually, a customer.

Much as a rich media content web page is inviting, people have gotten too used to this concept, so much that text-based content is not enough to keep them engaged.

Top brands have embraced video content as a strategy to make their landing pages, as well as coming soon pages , exceptionally different from their competitors.

With well-embedded videos on your landing page, you warrant yourself the pleasure of having your visitors spend a lot of time on your site.

Moreover, with such easy-to-use and cost-effective online video makers like Moovly, it is impossible to be out of shape in the kinds of videos you share with your audience, whether you run a small business or a large enterprise.

Optimize with keywords

It is surprising that most website owners practicing video SEO do not consider keyword research as essential in the processes thereof.

Furthest from the truth, you need a tool like the Google keyword ranking tracker to help you determine suitable keywords you can use to target your audiences.

Creating legible video content after well-done keyword research is a way to reach out to audiences in person, gratifying each of their needs.

However much to determine suitable keywords, take them a little further in integrating them correctly in the video content, to match to the searches of the target audience.

Optimize the thumbnail

In video SEO, the visual appeal that strikes visitors on a site is the thumbnails.

The thumbnails more often than not affect the audience?s decision to watch or not watch a video.

The trick is to use a part of the video that is most emotion-provoking and thought-prying, to get people?s attention. You can use a platform like Canva to help in designing the preferred thumbnail visual for your video.

Bottom line, the best thumbnails have clarity and relevance to the content in the video.

Add a video transcript

Text-based content still holds a lot of value when it comes to SEO.

After creating a video, it is best to incorporate a video transcript, which is a written version of the video content.

With a transcript in place, it is easy for readers who do not understand some bits of the video, to catch up through the film.

This is especially helpful to combat language barriers and accent variations for diverse audiences.

Luckily, a video transcript is helpful to website owners as they can comfortably use up their keywords without being too corky about it throughout a video clip.

Repurpose video

Ideally, you can get so much from a video on your site.

An existing video can result in wide coverage when repurposed.

Some ways to repurpose a video include, making shorter versions of the video, GIFs, converting them into infographics, sharing a preview of the same on different social platforms, among others.

Brands that do this end up gaining a lot more traffic on one video content than those that do not.

They use this as a way to increase engagement while sticking close by their content generation strategies.

Allow embedding of your video

As the goal of video SEO for site owners is to boost their search rankings, allowing embedding of their videos is the way to an increased page ranking.

It is a significant indicator that an audience enjoyed the content, and would love to embed it on his/her posts, site or blog.

This plays as a great source of backlinks and brand mentions, which are great for their visibility of a website on SERP.

Besides, it goes a long way on boosting the audience engagement that a brand enjoys on its platform.

Share on social media

Do not be afraid to go all out when promoting content.

Especially for videos, they have a high linking on social media platforms, since they have more engagement than text-based material.

Duncan Kingori from SERPBook

Duncan has been in the writing profession for a decade now. He has great experience writing informative articles and his work has been appreciated and published in many popular publications. His education background in communication and public relations has given him a concrete base from which to approach different topics in various niches.