The Moovly December Newsletter

Dec 22, 2017

Hi everyone!

This month, we bring you news on the Season’s Greetings library in the editor, holiday templates to personalize your greetings in the Moovly mobile app, and a festive blog.

As always, if you have any feedback or feature requests, you can send those in via the chat button on the website or by filling out the contact form.

Enjoy the read and Happy Holidays!



Editor in Chief and Online Community & Support Manager

Season’s Greetings

Just in case you’ve missed it, there is now a Season’s Greetings library in the editor! Find your festive videos, images and sounds to create a personalized greetings video for your family, friends or colleagues.

Holiday Templates in the iOS app

Holiday templates are now available in the Moovly mobile app for iOS! You can edit them as needed and render in the app. You can then find the moov in your ‘My Moovs’ area and send to your family, friends and colleagues! Or from a business perspective, check out few other holiday templates to create video greetings for your partners and clients. 

Feature Updates


We keep improving and expanding the functionalities of our new Moovly Studio editor. Here are the most recent features, fixes and improvements:

  • New hand for hand animations
  • Overlay a color: multiply any white value in that video with the selected color
  • Inline text editing: you can now just double click on a text object and edit it inline
  • Doodle Marker videos
  • Motion Graphics transparent videos, supported by Chrome and Firefox Quantum

Holiday Season Blog

We have a new blog on how to write the best wishes during this holiday season. Why not to share your holiday wishes in a video message? Take a look at the blog to find out more and get inspired!