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How to write the best wishes this holiday season

Let’s face it: it’s mid December and, whether you want it or not, we all are getting into a festive holiday spirit. You might be sipping on hot wine and baking gingerbread, jamming to Mariah Carey’s sing-alongs, rewatching “Home Alone” (who cares that it’s 101st time, right?), struggling on an ice skating rink or, simply, staring at the recently decorated Christmas tree trying to forget how much you spent on all of the presents located under it. That’s the beautiful craziness of this holiday cycle.

However, we’re still forgetting the most valuable part, honoring relationships and people in our lives. There should always be a place for holiday wishes, whether it’s a gesture of thanks, thoughtful holiday cheer or an overall reflect on the year. Effort is what counts the most and makes the message more personal. And by the way, we have some ideas for you to get inspired!

Handwritten holiday wishes, obviously, don’t get old, but what about trying on a new style of conveying your wishes in a personalized Season’s Greetings video like this?

We have prepared some templates for you to use. All you have to do is open either “Happy Holidays” or “Spread the Holiday Cheer” template (available for IOS only) in our app here, fill in the information of who you want to greet, then download or share the video card. You can find your video in “My Moovs” area. Surprise your friend, colleague or a family member with an original holiday greetings video!

In case you want to play around with more options, check out Moovly Studio to find the latest Season’s Greetings Collection full of festive images, videos, and sounds to create your own personalized video card like this:

All it takes is some imagination and a sprinkle of love. Enter any holiday wishes you would like: be funny and quirky, or heart-warming and touching, whatever you choose! Here are some ideas to help you get started on the perfect holiday wishes in your video:

Writing perfect holiday wishes for your friends:

  • With all my heart, I wish that the next year will bring you more opportunities for self-realization and implementation of your plans. Continue to go your own way, and your dreams will come true!
  • Do not regret anything and believe that tomorrow will be even better than yesterday, then all of your most cherished desires will certainly become fulfilled!
  • I wish you much luck along the road of life! Wish you to believe in your strength and your dream, to achieve all your goals and strive for success, to conquer incredible peaks and to be a happy person all year round.
  • Thank you for the gift of our friendship!

Writing perfect holiday wishes for your family:

  • You are the most valuable people in my life, so take care of yourself and don’t worry about trifles. Live to the fullest, and I will do anything to fill your life with calmness and provide you with reliable support.
  • I wish this year to be successful and kind for you, with a lot of happiness and joy in it, so that every day was filled with excellent mood and wonderful ideas.

Writing perfect holiday wishes for your colleagues:

  • I wish you a smooth and prosperous road to success, clear goals and long-term plans, family happiness, prosperity and constant luck!
  • I hope that with the change of the date on the calendar, all the changes in your life will be only for the better!
  • I wish that in the New Year to come everything starts in a new way: new success, new beginnings and victories, new bright emotions and happy events.

Writing perfect holiday wishes for your boss:

  • Let the upcoming year bring new contracts, ideas, as well as more interesting partners and collaborations. I wish happiness and prosperity to you and your family!
  • Let me wish you further prosperity of our organization, and to you personally – a lot of health to achieve the planned heights, financial well-being and happiness in your personal life!
  • I sincerely wish the New Year’s miracles to happen, bring even more successful deeds and genuine respect, magnificent ideas and promising proposals, personal well-being and happiness!

Writing perfect holiday wishes for your loved one:

  • My beloved, I hope that you will succeed in all your beginnings, continue to go towards your goals and never stop. Happy New Year, dear!
  • I wish this year will be a year of great achievements for you, bringing prosperity and high perspectives. Let your New Year’s wishes come true as soon as possible.
  • I’m so glad to have you in my life! Thank you for always being there, for your support, tenderness and love. I believe the upcoming year will bring us only happiness!

Writing perfect short holiday wishes:

  • Happy holidays from owl of us!
  • Say YAY, it’s a holiday again!
  • Season’s Greetings and Holiday Wishes!
  • Have a magical Holiday season!
  • Best wishes for the Holidays!

It’s a very special time of holiday cheer, and there is no better way to finalize this year than by thanking your friends, family or colleagues for a wonderful year you had together and the value they’ve brought into it, wish your boss or a client an even more productive year to come, and simply share your joy and happiness with the people around you!

All it needs is some personal touch that you can portray through your own greetings video. You can make it in Moovly Studio with the help of Season’s Greetings Collection or by using our Holiday Templates in Moovly App.

Warmest wishes from Moovly! And thank you for being a part of our creative space!