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Talented UX/UI freelance designer needed for big project

Moovly is a scale-up SaaS company that has made it its mission to enable everyone to create video content. The cloud-based Moovly platform allows its users to create engaging product or explainer videos for social media, professional looking advertising videos. By making it affordable, simple and intuitive, Moovly democratizes the video creation process and makes sure anyone can create an impressive video.

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Project scope:

    • Redesign of Moovly’s existing E-commerce Video Maker SaaS application.

Business goal:

  • Have a more user friendly and intuitive interface for users to create videos. Current design has a lot of features but they were added at different stages, making the total user experience less coherent and consistent. The goal is to come up with a design that is coherent, consistent, fresh, modern, user friendly, and future proof with respect to potential new features – yet still in line with the company’s brand.

    The current design exists as a guideline to explore all existing features. However, feel free to challenge it and break away from the current structure when it makes sense to have more or less pages. No development of the design is required as we already have our own development team.

Business mission:

    • Make it as easy as possible for webshop owners, marketeers, content creators, … to create high quality videos for their products. Integrate with some major webshop platforms to automate the video creation process even more.

Project description:

  • Moovly has launched their E-commerce Video Maker solution (, allowing webshop owners (Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, …) to connect their product list from their webshop to Moovly. Moovly uses that product info (images, titles, descriptions, prices, …) as input in a simple video creation process.

    Users go through a 3 step process to create a video:

    1. They select a product from their product list
    2. They select a template from Moovly’s library (or they create templates themselves in Moovly’s existing editor ( 
    3. They customize the video: pick images, select colors, set text, choose music, …


    Some features:

    • Videos can immediately be exported to mp4 files or the video project can be saved and shared with other Moovly users. Which allows for users to provide feedback to each other in the form of comments. The saved project can then be edited and exported as well.
    • It’s also possible to create a new video by translating a previously created video.
    • There’s the possibility to push created videos immediately to the correct platform (Amazon Ads, Facebook, Instagram, …) to simplify the process of downloading the mp4 and reuploading it manually to your desired platform.
    • Our integration with Amazon Ads allows us to submit videos to Amazon Ads for pre-moderation. That way we can present Amazon provided feedback to users’ videos. When negative feedback is received, users know they will have to fix their video before even trying to use the video in ad campaigns. This feature is not limited to videos created in Moovly. A pre-moderation check can also be executed on mp4 files uploaded by the user.
    • Payment for these services are pay-as-you-go. There’s no upfront cost. You buy video credits to make use of the service. One video costs one credit. Credits can be bought in bulk.
    • Users have the ability to set some preferences such as colors or brand logos. If set, those will be used automatically when creating videos.

Pages in the current design

    • Feel free to add more pages or remove some when needed.

      • Landing dashboards
      • Overview dashboards
      • 3-step video maker:
        • Content selection
        • Template selection
        • Customization
      • Upload of videos
      • Sharing of projects with other users
      • Reviewing/commenting on projects of other users
      • User & account settings
      • Buying credits


  • Are you a freelance UI/UX designer and interested in tackling this design project with us, please contact Moovly at with your CV detailing your experience with similar projects and clients.

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