Augment content quality with professional DIY videos

Offer your target audiences self-created professional-looking video content enriched with voice, animated infographics, stock footage and other great visuals.

Turn your slide content into videos

Videos are much more appealing and effective than static slides. Convert your key slides into animated video content in just minutes! Record your voice and add images, music and stock videos to illustrate your subject. Your result: powerful, attractive and professional-looking video content!

Brand compliance and team work

Build on-brand video content in line with your company guidelines, using your organization’s fonts, colors and graphics. Share your video content with your colleagues for review, or collaborate on video projects as a team.

Bonus: update your video whenever you need and just export a new version!

Improve understanding with animated visuals

Easily convert your graphical content into animated illustrations.

Reports, charts and infographics are better understood when they are shown in a built-up animation while explained by a voice. 

What customers say

I appreciate all that’s built into Moovly: a variety of transition elements, music and video clips, clear tutorials to get you started and rendering in multiple formats.

Susan R.
Training Manager

A great simple to use tool offering a quick way to churn out engaging content. There’s a large selection of graphics, stock images and footage using iStock by Getty Images, with the option to upload your own pictures and video. The controls are simple and easy to get the hang of, and the templates make certain jobs a breeze.

Ryan P.
Communications Officer
When working in Moovly, I like how intuitive everything is. I’m not a professional user and yet editing things comes naturally in this tool. At the moment Moovly is helping me create educational materials for onboarding and training customer-facing teams in my company.
Ozano R.
Customer Facing Enablement Specialist

Check out our templates

Kickstart your video creation with customizable video templates. Adjust anything you want: text, colors, images, footage, music or even create your own templates.

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