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How to use video to sell more properties in 2022

Improve the effectiveness of your real estate marketing strategy by creating your own customized videos to showcase property listings.

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Engage potential customers with customized real estate videos to drive traffic back to your website and sell more properties.

Video creation doesn’t need to be time-consuming or expensive.With Moovly, you can create video templates and automatically import your content, allowing you to create multiple real estate videos in a matter of minutes.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

:white_check_mark:   Increase your visibility using video to reach property buyers 

:white_check_mark:   Implement 6 easy real estate marketing strategies

:white_check_mark:   Use video to push your content to the top search results

:white_check_mark:   Use predefined templates to reduce video production time and cost

:white_check_mark:   Adapt your video content for various channels

Why use video automation?


Template videos

Offer your users customizable video templates to modify video variables such as text, pictures, videos and sounds.

live videos

Live feed videos

Data feeds coming from Twitter, RSS feeds, measurements or other sources can automatically be converted into videos!

automator videos

Data-based videos

Generate a series of videos based on a list or database. For every record, a separate video will be generated automatically.

group collaboration

Built-in collaboration

Employees can work together on video projects by sharing them with each other for viewing, copying or editing.

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Here's a sample of our real estate templates

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