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A promo video maker designed for small businesses who want big returns!

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Video creation without the headache

Wave goodbye to clunky and complex video software that requires a Ph.D. to operate. Moovly makes it easy to create stunning promo videos for your business
no experience required. 

Make promo videos in minutes

Hit the ground running with our intuitive drag-and-drop promo video maker. Start with a professionally designed template or a blank canvas—you’re in full control!

Media for every occasion

Our extensive media library is packed with pictures, videos, sounds, and graphics to suit your style. Choose from over a million different media objects, or upload your own! 

Unlimited design possibilities to let your brand shine

Advanced editing features let you go beyond basic edits so you can be as precise as you want. Do things like mix videos, play with opacity, or adjust your sound levels (just to name a few). Moovly’s promo video maker brings your videos to life exactly how you envision them.

Small budget? No problem.

You don’t need a big budget to make a big splash. Moovly is free to use. Give it a try!

Save time and use templates

Our experts have crafted professional templates to get you up and running even faster!

Maximum impact with minimal effort

  • one

    Sign up for your free account

    Sign up for your free Moovly account. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection to use Moovly’s promo video maker.

  • two

    Pick your template or start from scratch

    Start with one of our templates designed by the pros, or create your own video from scratch!

  • three

    Add media, text, and other features

    Quickly add media, text, effects, and other elements using our drag-and-drop editor.

  • Download videos in different sizes

    Download your videos in different aspect ratios with the click of a button! No need to re-create your videos for each social platform.

More ways to add a professional touch to your promo videos

Experiment with different styles

Such as cartoon videos, whiteboard drawing videos, illustrated videos, documentary-style videos, or a mix of your own!

Automatically translate your captions

Reach an international audience in seconds.

Create voiceovers

Through your text. Choose from different voices to fit your brand.

Helpful support

To give you answers when you need them.

Chroma key technology lets you select and remove certain colors

Just like a green screen.

Automatically transcribe your videos

Add captions for highly accessible content.

Animate text

Simply with the click of a button. Choose from effects like fade, fly, typewriter, bounce, and more.

See why small businesses love Moovly

Tips for powerful promo videos

Front-load your videos

Keep the important information at the beginning of your video so those who don’t stick around to the very end don’t miss your message! Make it clear within the first few seconds what you’re promoting and why your viewers should care.  

Avoid viewer fatigue

Sharing the same promotional video over and over will give your viewers fatigue, and after a while, they’ll tune you out. But you still need to share your video enough times to get the point across. The solution? Create different versions of your promo video to keep your audience engaged! With Moovly, you can swiftly swap out different text and media and create multiple versions of your promo video within minutes. No need to create them all from scratch!

Less is more

Unlike explainer videos that dive deep into your offer, promo videos should be short (we recommend 20 seconds) and give a high-level overview of your offer. At the end of your promo video, your viewer should know what you’re promoting and why they should care. 


Most frequent questions and answers

A promo video is used to promote your business’s offerings. You can use promotional videos to promote products and services, sales, and events to your audience.

Use Moovly’s promo video maker to quickly create good professional-grade promo videos. Moovly is free and requires no prior video editing experience to use.

You can make free promotional videos using Moovly. Moovly is a free promo ad maker that has templates and an extensive media library to help you create videos to generate buzz around your offerings.

Download the Moovly app to your iOS or Android device and start making free promo videos to promote your offerings! While Moovly is an app, it’s also available for desktop, so you can create videos on the fly no matter where you are.

Aim to keep your promotional videos under 20 seconds. You can always experiment to see if longer videos bring better results, but generally, shorter promotional videos perform best.

Your promotional video must clearly state your offer, introduce the problem you solve through your offer, and have a call-to-action that tells viewers what to do after they finish watching your video.

Get people talking about your brand

Generate buzz around your next promotion. Give Moovly’s promo video maker a try!