Easily create educational videos

Explain educational topics with video, create your own flipped classroom videos or engage your students with video assignments. No need to be a video expert to create content with Moovly!

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Powerful explainers you can make yourself

Video can be much more than recorded video lessons or narrated PowerPoint slides. With Moovly, you can explain topics in many creative ways: combine images, footage, text, drawings, sound and voice to tell your story your way. Have a look at these examples.


Engage your class with video assignments

Let your students demonstrate their media literacy, creativity or or understanding with engaging video assignmentsMoovly contains over 1.3 million media objects you and your students can use for free!


From free individual plans to group plans for classes

If you have an email address from your school, college or university, you are entitled to the Edu Free plan of Moovly, as well as the more advanced plans at high educational discounts. The Edu Class formulas enable you to work with your student group and share media or video projects within your class.

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