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How to make an animated video like a pro

We all want to create animations, but not everyone knows how to make them like a pro! Whether you are creating video animations for your business or simply making a video to show your friends, you want it to look good!

Here at Moovly, our primary focus is on creating animations and has been for a while. We wanted to give you some big tips that will surely help your process of creating your animated video.

For anyone who would like to skip these steps and go straight to creating animations, just sign up here for your free license. Once you are done with your video animation, why not share it with us? We would love to see what you have created! 

Step 1: Plan ahead and prepare your animations 

Planning is by far one of the most important, yet unappreciated stages in any video creation process. Having a great plan really does separate the average video animations from the beautiful professional ones! 

When planning, you should typically focus on two main areas. The first being “who is my animated video’s target audience”? Understanding your audience means understanding who they are and what works for them. Professional animations are the one that takes into consideration what the end viewers want to see and motivates them to act. 

The second planning stage is “ what are my video animations goals and objectives”? Your goals help guide your animated video into a clear direction. Having set goals gives you an understanding of what you want your created video to achieve.

Step 2: Write your video script

Onto step two, writing your video script. You may recall we wrote a blog about how to write a  great script for your video marketing campaign in the past, and the same concept still applies. 

To summarize, here are our most important takeaways when writing your script:

  • Address your audience and write in a conversational manner.
  • 20% of your viewers will close your animated video after 10 seconds. Ensure your script is brief. 
  • Make sure you script every word. Trust us; this will help create your video in a more efficient manner.
  • End your video animation script with a clever call-to-action. 

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Step 3: Create a storyboard for your animated video 

Consider a storyboard to be a blueprint. It is your animated video’s plan and timeline.  A storyboard allows you to truly visualize how your created animated video will look before you have to dedicate additional hours and resources. 

Start by identifying the key scenes in your animation story. Once you have recognized the important scenes, add your script to each square. Finally, sketch your thumbnails in each square, and you have a storyboard! 

It's important to remember that a storyboard is a plan. Meaning, you do not have to go into incredible detail. Your animated video’s storyboard is for you, no need to present it to anyone. 

Step 4: Animate your story! 

Your ideas and plans are ready to be shaped into a professional looking awesome animation. There's only one thing in your way, and that is actually creating the animations!

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First things first, identify a style of animations you wish to use and try to stick with it throughout your video. Having a consistent style tends to display a more dynamic look.  The Moovly Library contains over a thousand animated objects for you to choose from. Just select and drag each object. You can proceed to animate them from your Timeline. Add animation effects and make each asset pop, wedge, wipe, fly or flip. If those animation objects aren't enough, you can also import your own! 

Step 5: Add voice over/ music

The last stage is adding the sound to your animated video. We have put this stage last as your voice over, or musical track needs to be in line with your animations.

Choosing the right music for your created video can be tricky. Luckily, we have created a blog to take you through the necessary steps when choosing the right music for your video.

That's not all. With Moovly, you have access to different royalty free tracks to be used at your disposal. Once you have logged in, just access the Marketplace and drag any track that you like! It's that easy. 

There you have it. Moovly’s top 5 tips on creating a professional video animation. Of course, you need somewhere to make your animated video. Did someone say free animation maker? Yep, Moovly is a free platform, where everything is cloud based. There's no need to download any software. Just sign up here for free and start bringing your animations to life!