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Create your own free animation: The best animated video maker

The wonderful world of animation, where do we start? Animations are a visual treat to our eyes. They allow you to express yourself through sound and vision, only limited by your imagination. Both businesses and individuals are jumping at the chance to create animations left, right and center. They are professional, fun, engaging, insightful and sophisticated. So with all that in mind, doesn't that mean they are expensive? 

Oh, how times have changed. Gone are the days of needing an in-depth array of graphic skills or an expensive budget. Yep, creating animations with Moovly is FREE! No need to break the bank to create your very own video animation. Just sign up, choose your animation style and create your free animations, just like that! 

Free animation and video maker

First thing first, lets's talk about Moovly which is a free animation and video maker. There are three licenses available for you, the Moovly Pro, Plus and more specifically the Free license.  The free license is a full license. At Moovly, our goal is to get everybody to creating engaging content. Here is what you can expect with the free Moovly license:

You can upload your own images and sounds into your Personal Library. You can also create and animate 10-minute-long videos, making use of hundreds of animation objects and two extensive Moovly Libraries. Once you have created your animated video, you can download it for free and share it offline on any device in SD quality. 

Did you know that Moovly is entirely cloud-based, meaning you don't have to download any animation software to get started on your first video? Think of all the free space you save on your computer!

Here is how you can learn more about the free Moovly license. Or, if you want to get started right away on creating animations, you can sign up here.

Animation standard video maker. Make free animation use Moovly. See blog for tips.

Create animated videos for your business

Want to create an explainer video? Or perhaps you want to make a video presentation? It's all possible on Moovly. The goal is to get your message noticed and remembered and what better way possible than with animations. 

Animations help tell your story. They help bring your concepts and ideas to life. Powerful video animations help convey your message and grab your audience's attention. Animations are extremely easy to understand and have a professional feel to them.

Moovly allows you to create a free animation; it is easy to edit, share, copy, update or translate your videos! 

Of course, all of this is free! However, for those of you who are looking to go the extra mile, here's how you can take advantage of even more business features including extended Libraries and commercial functionality. 

Huge variety of animations

The Moovly animation Library is filled with a large variety of multimedia content. Whatever you decide your video should focus on, you will surely find animation assets and other multimedia objects that will be perfect for your created video. At this point, the Moovly Library contains over 1000 items to be used in your next animated video, and that number keeps growing every day! Moovly currently has 4 unique standard graphical object libraries. 

The Doodle Marker

The first is the popular Doodle Marker Style. This animation style commonly referred to as the whiteboard or drawing is one of the most entertaining and eye-catching forms of animation amongst professionals. It is usually used to create animations that explain complex concepts or ideas in a simple form. Check out this Doodle Marker Styled Moov which explains what Time Management is all about.

Click on this animation to bring it to life

The Infographic Style

Onto the next free animation library, the Infographic Style. Similar to the Doodle Marker, Infographic animations tend to be used to explain topics and idea. However, when using the Infographic style, the animation has a more professional and corporate feel. Here's a similar Moovly on Time management tips, this time using the Infographic style.

Click on this animation to bring it to life

The Colorful Cartoon Style

Friendly. Bright. Playful and incredibly fun. The Colorful Cartoon Style Moovly library is a favorite. You can use this style to make your own cartoon video. This animation library, however, can only be accessed with the Moovly Plus and Pro licenses.

Paper Cut-out Style

Another Moovly Library available on the Pro and Plus license is the Paper Cut-out Style.  This style is perfect for those looking to create crafty animations. Here's how you can find out more about the different Moovly License

Publish, share and download your video

You can download, share and publish your free animations on Moovly. Once you have created your animated video why not share them with Moovly and its users? Publish your finished Moov to the Moovly Galley and proceed to share it directly with your friends or colleagues!

Alternatively, you can also share your created animated video directly on your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

As we mentioned above, Moovly is entirely cloud based. No need to download any software. You can sign up here if you haven't done so already and get started on creating your free animations right away. It's time to bring your animations to life, and what better way than with Moovly!