Most Common Video Marketing Challenges and Their Solutions

Video marketing is one of the best known effective parts of a marketing strategy. Each day, marketers around the world are looking for better ways to connect with the audience. This trend has emerged since it has become clear that consumers have more trust in consumers other than brands.

Many brands are looking for strategies to enhance their audience’s experience. One of the best ways to do it is by incorporating marketing tools and techniques from a reliable influencer marketplace. They can help you manage and amplify your content campaigns.

The idea of video marketing is not new; what has changed is how crucial video marketing is to businesses in the contemporary business world. The challenge comes when managing the video becomes a daunting task even to experienced marketers.

If nothing is done, things can quickly go wrong, and this can cost you and your company money.

Smartly done online video marketing campaigns have high visibility and when pushed through different channels, brands have an opportunity to build awareness, create brand loyalty, engage and re-engage their customers.


Check out some common challenges and their solutions to avoid making losses. 


Every business is out there to minimize cost and maximize profit. However, going for the lowest bid does not necessarily mean you will be making a saving. As a matter of fact, not choosing the best video maker for your company can have serious consequences in the future that will make you end up spending more.

To do things right, only opt for ideas and proposals that are most suitable for your company’s budget. Stick to your decision and disregard any temptations of taking extreme offers. Try to engage firms that have worked with a variety of clients so that they can take into account your overall marketing goals. A firm that understands what you want to accomplish will help you build a project that is within your scope. Remember that you and your company’s reputation highly depend on the decisions you make. Hence, don’t hesitate to go for high-quality video; the results will be impressive.


Just like any other activity you do, you need to have a well-established strategy if you are going to succeed in matters regarding video marketing. Lack of proper approach means that you cannot even tell if your program is working or not. If this is the case, then you might incur losses that are going to cost your company dearly. 

The first thing you need to do to overcome this challenge is to identify the purpose of your video marketing efforts. You need to have a well-laid plan of the campaign’s objectives and the way forward. You also need to have a goal. You need to have an immediate answer why you want to make a video and if you don’t, then it is important to figure it out first. 

The most popular reasons are to increase brand awareness, improve customer education, increase online engagement or increase lead generation. You do not have to be limited by these goals though. You can use a video for many reasons depending on what you want to achieve. Another key aspect is to highlight the audience segment you intend for this particular campaign. Be clear on the audience you intend to reach.


No way can the production of a high-quality video be rushed. This is where most company owners go wrong. It will be next to impossible to complete a marketing video few days. Remember a high-quality video should at least include concept development, script, storyboard, video shoots, scheduling, and editing. All that cannot be done in too tight timelines. Many video production companies do not have the required resources to do a commendable job within a tight schedule. High chances are, if the project is rushed, the outcome will be undesirable, and for sure, this is not what you want.

The good thing is that the solution to this is within your power. Just allow enough time to the project to be completed. Minimize headaches and unnecessary pressures by planning your video marketing campaign to go in line with your entire marketing strategy at the beginning of the year. This way, you and your team will have enough time to formulate all the company’s objectives and budgets. 


Lack of high-quality content is an issue that is holding most marketers down. Actually, it is now going to be more difficult for individual brands to break through as more and more companies flood the web with video campaigns. Therefore, you need to try and be ahead of the rest. One perfect way to do this is by coming up with high-quality content for your video.

You need to hold a viewer for the longest time possible. This can only happen if whatever the viewer is looking at is educative, entertaining and informative enough. Coming up with such content might be a difficult task but you can always consult an expert to help you develop characters and scenarios that will grab and hold your prospect’s attention enough time to make a difference. 

Lack of resources

In the past few years, video marketing has been hitting big strides but at the same time, it is still a bit new to the digital marketing industry. This is the main reason why a lot of companies have not yet allocated the resources towards building strong video marketing strategies. 

Fortunately, this is a challenge you can fix.

First, take into account the resources you have right now and how you can put them into use and create a strong video marketing campaign. Further, if you already have someone in your marketing team who can allocate some of their time to your video marketing to structure and implement what you need, consider them so that you don’t have to incur the cost of bringing on a third party group.

High chances are you have already created high-quality marketing content. If that is the case, translate the same data into video and forget about reinventing the wheel. You see, you can reuse the existing resources before you figure out how and when to bring out new resources to add unto what you already have.


Every person is abled differently, and that is why working as a team results in awesome results. When you choose to partner with an expert video production firm like Moovly, you will only get maximum benefits if you are open enough to their advice as they should be to your ideas.

For instance, if they point out something they feel will not go well in the video, put it into consideration. After all, they have had an opportunity to work on dozens of products, and this has given them the much-needed experience and expertise to do what is expected of them. 

Or try their drag-and-drop video maker to easily make a video yourself with the help of numerous templates to get started with.

Now, you need to be more careful when selecting the right people to work with. It is very crucial to partner with someone who will give you the much-needed support and on top of that, give answers to your questions with confidence. Take your time to do your research and only choose someone who can fill the gaps that you are unable to. 

Among the things to check when choosing a good video marketing partner include but not limited to;

  • The experience they have
  • Their specific area of expertise e.g social video
  • The tools they have to create your video
  • Their flexibility around your company. It is long term and does your marketing strategy consider that?
  • Will you be required to have additional assets if you choose to work with them?

Above all, the most important aspect is to choose someone whom you feel comfortable working with. A partner who is capable of doing what you expect them to do and who can offer support where you need it the most. With a good partnership, the process of building a successful video marketing campaign becomes less hectic. 

Lack of metrics

Lack of metrics is a challenge and it can have negative effects on your video marketing journey. When it comes to determining the metrics to use, you need to be careful since this is what will give you the indication to know whether your ideas are working or not. 

The issue of the best metrics for video marketing does not have a fixed answer although there are a few you can give more attention than the others. For instance, knowing who is watching your videos is key. This can help you to know if they have also watched others. The average engagement is another important metric. This will help you to know the number of time viewers has spent watching each video.


As a firm with great goals to meet, investing in video marketing is something you should put into consideration. Although there are challenges in any marketing strategy, if you are able to overcome them, you will not regret since the reward is amazing.

With the right strategy and support, it is possible to come up with a video campaign that you will be proud of. If you implement the above ideas correctly, your video marketing campaigns can engage and educate your customers more than any other way. 

Duncan Kingori from SERPBook 

Duncan has been in the writing profession for a decade now. He has great experience writing informative articles and his work has been appreciated and published in many popular publications. His education background in communication and public relations has given him a concrete base from which to approach different topics in various niches.