Record your webcam for video

Record your webcam and use the result to make your explainer or tutorial videos more attractive.

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How to use Moovly's Webcam Recorder?


Sign up

Register for a Free account to set-up your personal Moovly environment. Just click on the "Sign up" button in the top right corner of this page.


Enter your text

Create a new project to open the Moovly Editor. In the Toolkit, choose Text-to-video. Enter your text and follow the steps to add images and footage.


Make it your own

Choose a style for your video, add background music and voice-over (text-to-speech). Click 'Generate' and preview your video just a few seconds later!


How can webcam recording help my video?

  • Human contact

    Webcam recordings will help you create a connection with your users by putting a face to the voice

  • Cost saving

    This built-in functionality means you will not require any additional external software

  • Attention-grabbing

    Grab the attention of your audience with your on screen presence

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the webcam recorder is easy. Simply choose your layout (eg. webcam only, or recording your screen only, or recording both – your screen, with a video of yourself in the top right corner) and hit the red button! A countdown will start and then your webcam recording will begin. When you’re finished, hit the red button again to stop (this time it will be a red square, instead of a red circle). That’s it, now you can download, edit and share your webcam recording.

When the recording is finished and the video will be saved in your project and your Personal Library in the video editor. Here you will be able to add subtitles, text, caption, music, sound effects and much more. Just hit the ‘save & exit’ button when you’re finished.


Yes! Moovly ’s webcam & screen recorder will both request access to your microphone (just click ‘Allow’) and will record your speech at the same time as recording video from your camera & screen. This will all happen at the same time, automatically, all you need to do is click that red button!


Yes! To download it to your computer, laptop, you click ‘download’ to start rendering your recording. If you share the video via the link then people who you share it with will be able to leave comments. This is super helpful for collaborating on video projects, teams who use video for business, online educators, and more!


Step 1 – Login to Step 2 – Select record and choose webcam, then hit the record button Step 3 – Click ‘Save & Exit’ Step 4 – Go to the project and choose ‘Download’ to start rendering your recorded video


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