Remove color from your video

Remove a green screen or other color from any uploaded image or footage, or from any of our many stock videos with green screen areas

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How to use Moovly's color remover?


Sign up

Register for a Free account to set-up your personal Moovly environment.


Select asset

Add your video or image to your Personal Library click the color removal icon


Remove color

Pick the color you want to make transparent and click save and insert.


Why remove color in your video assets ?

  • Grow your audience

    Allows you to replace the backgrounds or parts of video assets and turn them into completely new ones.

  • Improve branding

    Create accurately branded videos by altering the color of various assets to match your brand!

  • Increase creativity

    Removing background or color from assets will open up many creative options with your video composition

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Upload your video and click on the magic marker to open the Remove Background panel.

Moovly is a browser-based video editing tool, so you don’t need to install an app on your device. All you have to do is go to Moovly from your browser and upload your video. You can also create a free account so you can save all your projects in one place. Access your videos and edit them anytime, anywhere!


While there are a plenty of video background remover tools online, Moovly is the easiest tool to use. It’s online, free, and gives you access to abundance of more video editing features!


Moovly’s video editor lets you remove the background of your videos for free! Sign-up and upload your green screen video to remove the background.


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