Record your voice for video

Do you need to narrate your videos to help your audience follow it closely? Moovly has just what you need with our built-in voice recorder!

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How to use Moovly's voice recorder?


Sign up to Moovly

Register for a Free account to set-up your personal Moovly environment.


Activate recording

Enable audio only and choose to start recording


Save recording

Once done, save your recording and find it either in your library or on the stage.


How can voice recording help my video?

  • Narration helps users

    Voice recordings are vital in many video types to help the audience digest the information better

  • Save time and costs

    There is no need for external software as it is all built into our editor

  • Double up the content

    Voice recordings mean you don't need as much text to explain information and therefore requires less effort for users

Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. You just hit the record button in the Moovly Editor! After you’ve chosen ‘Audio Only’ and pressed record , a countdown timer will appear. Once your recording starts simply start speaking as you would normally do. (Make sure to press ‘Allow’ when your browsers asks permission to record your microphone)

Yes! Moovly’s voice recorder works with all types of microphone, all versions of operating software, across all devices. If you are having any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us.


This is optional. If you want to record video via your webcam or screen simply click ‘Webcam and/or screen’. This will record video from your webcam, screen and sound from your microphone together. You can also choose to mute the sound of your recording.


Yes you can! Simply enable ‘Screen recording’, and your screen will be recorded at the same time as audio from your microphone. You can easily create explainer, how-to and video presentations with our screen recording function.


Ofcourse! Just enable all the recording options and click the record button to start recording.


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