Convert text into speech

Add a high quality voiceover for your video in seconds

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How to use the Text-to-Speech feature:


Choose a language

We have up to 80 languages on offer for you to choose from


Select a voice type

Thanks to our integrations with Amazon's AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google we offer a wide range of voice types in male and female.


Type in your text

Simply add your text, up to 500 characters, click save and wait for the magic to happen!

A Must-have FEATURE 

Why use Text-to-Speech?

  • Grab attention

    Voiceovers help retain the attention of multi-tasking viewers who may not be fully focused on your video

  • Enhance message

    Messages are made stronger with voiceovers by creating a second way of absorbing the information

  • Boost conversion

    Data shows that videos that offer both text and speech do better in converting their audience

Frequently Asked Questions

Open the Moovly Editor – Choose Text-to-speech – Select your language and voice – Add your text and click ‘Save and Insert’

Moovly’s text-to-speech software can be tested for free. You can convert your text into a video, and you can do it straight from your browser.


Currently, you can add up to 500 characters to convert to speech per object. There is no limit on how many text-to-speech objects you can have in one project.


Yes! You can select from several male or female human voices in our editor


Absolutely! You can choose over 40+ languages such as English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Chinese, German and more


Use Text-to-Speech now!

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