Record your screen for video

Trying to make a captivating tutorial or presentation? Moovly’s built-in screen recorder will help you retain the attention of your viewers and help them follow each step with ease.

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How to use Moovly's voice recorder?


Sign up to Moovly

Register for a Free account to set-up your personal Moovly environment.


Activate recording

Enable audio only and choose to start recording


Save recording

Once done, save your recording and find it either in your library or on the stage.


How can screen recording help my video?

  • Guide your viewers

    Screen recordings can be very useful for explainer videos or tutorials.

  • Save time and costs

    There is no need for external software as it is all built into our editor

  • Easier to follow

    Help your audience follow your videos easily with screen recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy! Just choose your layout (screen only, webcam only, or both) and hit the record button. You can choose to record your screen, webcam and/or audio. You will see a countdown timer then the screen capture will start. To stop, just hit the red button and choose save recording.It is that easy!

When the recording is finished and the video will be saved in your project and your Personal Library in the video editor. Here you will be able to add subtitles, text, captions, music, sounds and much more. Just hit the ‘save & exit’ button when you’re finished.


In the editor you choose to record with or without audio. When you start using the screen recorder you will need to click ‘Allow’ to record with your microphone. As soon as you start to record the video (of your screen, webcam, or both) the audio will also be recorded, so you can make awesome video presentations, explainer videos, team comms videos and more!


Using the webcam recorder is easy. Simply choose your layout (eg. webcam only, or recording your screen only, or recording both – your screen, with a video of yourself in the top right corner) and hit the red button! A countdown will start and then your webcam recording will begin. When you’re finished, hit the red button again to stop (this time it will be a red square, instead of a red circle). That’s it, now you can download, edit and share your webcam recording.


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