Automatically translate your videos

Expand the global reach of your Moovly videos with our new automatic translation tool, powered by Google. Translate keywords and subtitles to any language, automatically!

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How to use the translation feature:


Select a translation

Choose between Google Translate and XLIFF import/export.



Select the current language of your video project and choose the destination language.



Translate either the entire video project, selected objects, or create a new project for the translation version.


Why choose automatic video translation?

  • Grow your audience

    Open up your video content to a global audience with simple and fast video translations including subtitles. Translate any video for YouTube and other platforms.

  • Save costs

    No need to pay third party companies for your translation needs, get it all done in Moovly!

  • Improve accessibility

    Make it easy for non-native speakers to understand your content by adding translations. Translate video to any of the hundreds of available languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Upload your video in the Moovly Editor and automatically generate subtitles for voice audio. Next, translate these subtitles to any language, in just seconds. Repeat this for any language you need. If you have added keywords in your Moovly video, you can also have these translated in a similar way.

If you want a quick and easy translation, use our built-in automatic translation feature! It’s an online, cloud based video translator so you don’t have to install it on your device. With Moovly, you can save your video projects online and access them anytime and anywhere!


Moovly integrated Google Translate in the background to automatically translate any text in a video project, including keywords, subtitles or any other on-screen text.


Once a subtitle track has been generated, you can download the text as a standard subtitle file (SRT), a CSV file, a TXT text file or even a PDF. You can do the same with translated subtitle tracks. 

Your can render your translated video and export/download it in a standard video format that can be played on any device or site. 

Yes, you can! You can upload an audio file to Moovly, generate the subtitle transcript, use the automatic translator, and download the text file in different formats.

Translation of videos is a Max feature, available in Max or Enterprise plans. With such subscription, not only will you be able to transcribe and translate your videos. You will also have access to all available video editing features. Download your videos in 1080p quality, use custom fonts and benefit from priority support!

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