Lee Enterprises increases revenue with Moovly's templating ability.

Video Automation: the key to success

As a new Moovly client, Lee Enterprises were thrilled with how seamlessly it integrates with their content production process.

Lee Enterprises, is a leading regional publisher in the U.S. It operates numerous newspapers and magazines and offers a variety of advertising and commercial printing services. The company also engages in content provision and media partnerships.

For that reason, the RSS feed-driven video building feature was a game-changer for them. Instead of manually gathering content, the tool automatically pulls relevant updates from their RSS feeds, ensuring that our videos are always up-to-date with the latest information. This automation saved significant time and effort, allowing them to focus more on creative aspects rather than repetitive tasks.

Moreover, the ability to export videos directly to their Video Management System (VMS) streamlined their workflow even further. They no longer had to go through multiple steps to transfer files between platforms. The integration with their VMS was smooth and hassle-free, making it incredibly efficient to publish their videos promptly. This direct export feature reduces the risk of errors and ensures consistency in their video publishing schedule.

The customizable templates were another standout feature. They offered a wide range of design options that were easily tailored to fit their brand identity.  This flexibility allowed them to create engaging and visually appealing content without needing extensive design skills. The templates are user-friendly and adaptable, making it easy for any team to produce high-quality videos that resonate with their audience.

Moovly offers a good product at a good price point.

Happy with the results

Lee Enterprises has a substantial digital presence with millions of monthly visitors and significant digital-only subscribers.  The need for an efficient and profitable tool was necessary.

What stood out the most was Moovly’s ability to rapidly build informative evergreen videos by topic, perfect for packaging their news coverage. The integration with their news updates enhances viewer experience, providing both the latest events and in-depth topic coverage. The tool’s user-friendly interface makes production efficient, enabling our team to focus on content quality and creativity. Overall, it boosts their content strategy, ensuring they deliver timely and comprehensive videos effortlessly

They were also pleased with the incremental increase in engagement they have seen since. The compelling videos they can now produce capture their audience’s attention more effectively, keeping them engaged longer. Additionally, the tool has provided them with extra inventory for monetization. This means more opportunities to generate revenue from their content, enhancing their overall profitability. The seamless process and the high-quality output make this tool an invaluable asset to their content strategy, driving both engagement and revenue growth

The challenge is competing with and taking advantage of AI technology for the production and management of Video and audio content

Moovly is a reliable partner - Now and in the future.

As a Moovly client, they’re delighted with how quickly they can produce videos. The tool significantly enhances their efficiency, allowing them to create high-quality content with ease. Any further improvements that speed up production will be highly welcome, as they will help Lee Enterprises maintain its momentum and continue delivering engaging videos promptly. Moovly has become an essential part of their workflow, boosting their productivity and content output

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