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In need of a summary video for your blog, web page, white paper or brochure? Just enter your text and let Moovly do the rest. In less than a minute you’ll get a video proposal including visuals, voice-over and background music!

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How to use Moovly's Text-to-Video?


Sign up

Register for a Free account to set-up your personal Moovly environment. Just click on the "Sign up" button in the top right corner of this page.


Enter your text

Create a new project to open the Moovly Editor. In the Toolkit, choose Text-to-video. Enter your text and follow the steps to add images and footage.


Make it your own

Choose a style for your video, add background music and voice-over (text-to-speech). Click 'Generate' and preview your video just a few seconds later!

Why use Text-to-Video?

  • A huge time saver

    In many cases your content already exists in written form. There is no faster way to create a video than to copy and paste that text into the tool and automatically generate a video from it.

  • Edit and fine-tune

    The generated video is not "take it or leave it". You can modify, add or fine-tune anything using the powerful Moovly Editor, until you achieve the precise result you have in mind.

  • AI built-in

    Is your input text too long for your video? No worries, just click the ChatGPT-powered "Summarize" button to condense it to any desired length for your video. Thanks to its AI-based technology, our Text-to-video tool is continually improving and evolving!

Frequently Asked Questions

Moovly features powerful AI tools you can use to convert text to video and create stunning-looking videos without having any own footage! You can use audio and video footage from our stock library, add text-to-speech, music, and more!

Moovly offers a build-in text-tovideo tool to let you convert text to video in a few simple clicks! You can use stock audio and video clips from our stock media library, caption and add text-to-speech for voice-overs.


You can create videos from text or script in Moovly! You can use our stock library to add stock video, images and audio clips, , then add your own or AI generated voiceover. With Moovly , it only takes a few clicks all you have to do is type or paste your text! You can preview how it sounds and when you’re happy, just click on ‘Save and exit’!


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