Automate your videos

Video marketing guide for automotive sales

An introductory guide to video automation in the automotive industry and how data-driven videos can be used to boost car sales.

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moovly guide to video automation

What's covered in this guide?

:white_check_mark:   A high-level introduction to video automation 

:white_check_mark:   An in-depth look at the creative, business and marketing advantages of video automation and personalization

:white_check_mark:   Automotive use case: How data-driven video automation can help drive car sales

The perks of video automation

Template videos

Offer your users customizable video templates to modify video variables such as text, pictures, videos and sounds.

Live feed videos

Data feeds coming from Twitter, RSS feeds, measurements or other sources can automatically be converted into videos!

Data-based videos

Generate a series of videos based on a list or database. For every record, a separate video will be generated automatically.

Built-in collaboration

Employees can work together on video projects by sharing them with each other for viewing, copying or editing.

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