Why you need to focus on video marketing in 2021

Online video is on an upswing this year. Even before the internet became capable of transmitting huge video data, video and moving pictures have always appealed to audiences. It is only a matter of time before the video content becomes the supreme medium on the internet.

Video allows for a lot of creativity and it appeals to a wider audience. Video immediately satisfies the senses because you hear it and you see it. This is the medium that puts the audience right in the center of the experience.

If you are a fanatic of sports, watching a game live, let’s say a basketball game, is certainly more exciting than reading about it on a blog. You get to see the action, a drama, and the impossible shots firsthand. Videos give facts exactly, so you don?t have to imagine anything. Facts are handed to the audience as effortless truth.

Internet is becoming faster and faster and hosting videos and uploading files have become easier. Right now, people use sites specifically dedicated to video like YouTube but it wouldn?t be long before every website will be forced to come up with video posts or switch to video content entirely.

YouTube has been such a success for users that it set new trends in social media and how we perceive the world. You can literally get any information you want and meet people across cultures and borders. YouTube gives us a glimpse of other places and experiences. Videos on the internet made the world smaller and information more satisfying.? Social media like YouTube can be a trip to any place you choose to input on the search box.

Video Marketing for Sales

Digital marketers should brush up on their skills on creating video content because video is the thing that will supplant other mediums in the years to come. Statistics show that 90% of companies are using video to promote products and services. Videos are necessary for a marketing campaign.

Video has proven itself in producing real ROIs.

9 in 10 marketers have acquired a new customer from social media through video.

3/4 of consumers say video convinced them to buy or download an app.

If you are an Amazon seller, you can make your products amazing and create further interest by adding a video on your products pages. Video marketing for Amazon Sales gives definite ROIs. Videos are helpful in making consumers learn. In fact, one of the ways brands make organic engagement is through producing instruction videos and demonstration of their products and services live on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

As an Amazon Seller, you can educate your customer by coming up with some short videos about your products. Unlike a Brick and Mortar, the product is not physically present so the only way you can enhance the customer?s experience is by making some videos.

Brands and Video Marketing

Video marketing is being used by brands these days and they are making quite a few experiments on it. Most brands combine videos as well as blog posts in their marketing campaign. They use varied styles such as animation videos, explainer videos, corporate videos, and other types of videos that promise to be engaging. All these videos are geared towards telling their brand story to their market.? ?

Social Media and Video Marketing Trends

YouTube is the pioneer in videos and it is still the most convenient way to find videos of any kind online. Many entrepreneurs, gurus, entertainers, and ordinary people have found their niche audience on YouTube and made money. YouTube influencers are being used by brands to promote their products. YouTube is a juggernaut and tough to beat as the primary social media for sharing videos.


Facebook connects people and it has a huge impact on people?s lives. There are billions of people on Facebook. It is the number one social media platform and has control over Instagram and WhatsApp.

In 2018, Facebook introduced video-based advertisements on its platform. Since adding this feature ad engagement has increased. Video marketing on Facebook is especially important because a lot of customers are motivated to purchase products based on recommendations by friends and communities.

Facebook has become the second most preferred choice for sharing videos behind YouTube. This year we will see the launching of Facebook Watch which is similar to YouTube long-form videos for users and creators. This feature allows videos to be recommended to users based on interests and what?s trending.

Facebook has an algorithm that tracks user likes and they can recommend long-form videos for you that specifically cater to your desires and this gives them an edge over YouTube.


Quora is a relatively quiet presence on the internet which has seen an increase in users in recent years overcoming the competition in how-to and peer to peer information from Yahoo and answers.com.

Quora is targeting to build how-to videos similar to what is on YouTube within the environment of Quora itself. They want fresh videos on their platform and not embeds from YouTube.

Quora is a vibrant community with highly engaged users so their videos will really find an audience within the Quora ecosystem.


Pinterest is another social media site that is incorporating videos for the coming year. They have revitalized their format and added the Autoplay feature for videos. Pinterest is actively used mostly by women so brands and advertisers can really find a potentially huge market here. Ever since they started pinning a post on video content there has been a sharp increase in the sharing of videos on their platform. A brand who wants to sell to women can pin running videos and video ads which can produce ROIs.

Live Videos

Live Videos are on both YouTube and Facebook and there is a chance these types of video will get more popular in the coming year. Statistics show that people engaging in the LIVE video has had an increase this year and they spend more time watching Live videos than recorded ones. Live videos are great because you can get instant engagement. The audience can directly comment and ask questions. You can give your audience connectivity and feedback.

Make Great Videos

Data and trends should convince you to take video marketing seriously in the coming years. However, make sure your video is interesting and engaging. Don?t just make any video, make an awesome video.

How? Take a look at Moovly, a drag-and-drop video maker that allows you to easily make videos from scratch or using numerous professional-looking templates. Get started!

Videos Should Tell Stories

You need to be able to tell a good story in your video. An audience responds to emotions and you should make sure that your videos are stimulating and interesting. You should make your audience feel. Establish trust with your audience by establishing your brand values and goals within minutes. If you make smartphones, show how it connects people lives and how it enhances communications and contribute to good relationships. Help people understand the value of getting a smartphone.

Emotions help your products sell and a study by Neuromarketing shows that using emotions is just as effective as appealing to the rational side.

Video Type

There are several types of video you can produce but you have to choose the right one that fulfills your needs and goals. One type of video are demo videos and can be helpful in generating interest for your products and services. These videos tell consumers how to use products and how it will exactly benefit them.?


Video Marketing in 2021 is going to be exciting as various social media have activated features to incorporate videos within their ecosystem. It would be interesting to see which innovation on video sharing will set the trends and gain an enthusiastic user base. Videos are fun and are a creative way to share information.

As of now, 85% of Americans use the internet to watch online videos. Marketers should use video marketing to establish brand awareness since video has already proven its potential to create interest and engagement among customers.