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Powerful group features for class video assignments


Let every student create videos

Moovly is a versatile tool for video creation, enabling every K-12 student to create videos about any educational topic: book reviews, math explanations, language exercises, geography, history… even poetry! 

With Moovly, students have total creative freedom to compose new videos using any visual objects – either selected from the libraries or uploaded – in combination with audio: their own voice, or sounds and music from the libraries. Valuable video storytelling and media literacy experiences! Have a look at these examples.

No software installation or maintenance

Moovly is an online platform: Software as a Service (SaaS). This means it securely runs in the cloud and only a browser is needed to use it. No installation, no maintenance, no upgrades, no powerful computers required. Moovly reduces the local computer work and performs the heavy video processing on its servers. All that’s needed is an internet connection (wifi or wired). Give it a try!

Students can access their video projects from any school computer as well as from home, providing extra flexibility and time for video assignments.

Classroom group sharing

Moovly provides several options to prepare and share video projects within the class group. Students can share their video project with each other and/or with their teacher and assign others a right: to view, copy or edit their project. These sharing options enable team work, co-creation and video review possibilities for teacher and fellow students.

Teachers can also prepare media libraries and video templates for their classroom group, to prepare video assignments or create video-based exercises for the students to complete.

Student management tool

Every group of students – either at class or school level – can be managed using a backoffice tool available to the teacher or the group administrator. They can create and delete students, assign subscription plans and view usage statistics.

In larger environments, the Moovly platform can also be integrated with school platforms for single sign-on (SSO) purposes. Contact us to discuss your environment and integration options.

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