Generate automatic subtitles and translate your video with Moovly

Translate any text, convert audio into subtitles or text into speech with our range of artificial intelligence-powered features​.


Convert text into natural-sounding speech

Need a quick voiceover to go with your new video?
We have exactly what you need!

Create your own voiceover in seconds by simply typing out your text and choosing a voice and language that suit your needs, it’s that easy!


Translate your video in seconds

Expand your video’s global reach with our new automatic translation tool powered by Google. Translate subtitles or text objects into 100+ languages and attract new audiences.


Convert audio into subtitles

Automatically transcribe your video’s audio files in over 30 languages. Fast and accurate, make your videos more engaging and accessible to your various audiences!

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How can these features benefit you?

Grow your audience

Open up your video content to a global audience with simple and fast video translations with subtitles.

Save costs

No need to pay third party companies for your translating, transcribing and subtitling needs, get it all done in Moovly!

Improve accessibility

Make it easy for non native speakers to understand your content by adding translations.

Social Media presence

Grow your fan base on Youtube by translating your videos opening your content up to a wider audience.

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