Get your video approved by Amazon Ads faster

Why is this important?

Amazon’s Pre Moderation API checks your videos against any technical requirements a video must have before it can be submitted to be reviewed by Amazon Ads’ video moderators. Moovly’s unique integration helps you in the following ways

Speed-up process

Time is money, getting past this vital step automatically will help reduce that cost.


Amazon run a tight ship with their moderation, remove some of that stress in a few clicks.

Seamless integration

The whole process is done so easily that you won't even have to think about it again


How to get videos approved faster?

Moovly gives you two easy ways to help your video get past Amazon's initial pre-moderation step

1- Use our E-commerce Video Maker

Every video that's made with the Amazon E-commerce Video Maker after connecting your Amazon Sellers account to Moovly, is automatically checked against the Amazon Pre Moderation API

2- Upload your other videos

Drag-and-drop any video onto Moovly' Pre-Moderation dashboard and have it checked against Amazon's Pre Moderation API

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