The race to catch up with video creation

Technology meets video creation

Amadeus is a leading technology company dedicated to global travel. For over 30 years, they’ve worked tirelessly to innovate critical solutions that help airlines, airports, hotels, railways, search engines and travel agencies. Their solutions enrich travel for billions of people every year, broadening horizons and creating unforgettable memories. Amadeus shapes the future of travel. As a business represented in over 190 countries, employing 19,000 people across the world, consistent branding is vital to Amadeus. So, when the need for high-quality video editing content arose, Moovly was ready and willing to help Amadeus with the challenge!

“Moovly was a win-win for us

Fernando Diez – Platform & Project Manager at Amadeus

Always in Motion - The Race to Catch Up with Video Creation

When video production became an essential part of online promotional and training materials, Amadeus saw an opportunity. They went ahead and provided their marketing team with an easy-to-use and brand-compliant video editing tool.“Internal video production across the company was difficult to manage,” says Fernando Diez, Platform & Project Manager at Amadeus. “The quality was far from professional, and our guidelines were generally misused or simply ignored.”

Video production has gone up, and the quality of videos has greatly improved across the company.

Diez also states that they received regular requests for expensive software such as Camtasia or Adobe Premiere, which they struggled to supply to so many employees across different teams. There were just as many requests for training to bring employees up to speed on video editing and design, but the resources were simply not available.

Amadeus needed a solution that complimented their budget and responded to their employees’ needs –
they found it in Moovly!

Why Moovly powers Amadeus’ video editing to promote innovation in travel technology

Amadeus chose Moovly out of ten possible video editing tools. Diez claims Moovly came head and shoulders above the competition for a whole myriad of reasons. For instance, how easy it is to customize the video content to maintain consistent brand identity across all their footage. 

Moovly fit the bill precisely by providing an online video editor that empowered Amadeus’ employees to edit videos to a professional standard. The development and integration costs also aligned with their budget. 

But most importantly, Diez states that Moovly was easy to work with. 

“They adapted to our licensing requirements,”which Diez confirms are quite specific. Namely, due to the number of employees, and different user-profiles, Amadeus has. Despite all that, Moovly always had a very open and flexible attitude towards our needs and requests.

Internal video production across the company was difficult to manage. The quality was far from professional, and our guidelines were generally misused or simply ignored.

Embraced by the team - How Moovly made an impact

Diez can’t say which departments use Moovly – there are just too many. From technical teams to marketing to communication, lots of areas of his business utilize the video editor. Even his own squad uses Moovly to create training videos and tutorials. That’s in addition to producing informative content about Amadeus’ upcoming events, products and internal promotions. Just to name a few. 

Since Amadeus integrated with Moovly, “Video production has gone up, and the quality of videos has greatly improved across the company.” And that’s only after a light launch!

They adapted to our licensing requirements.

Soon, Amadeus intends to launch a big campaign with Moovly introducing some new features. The campaign will include internal newsletters, blog articles, video training and advertising throughout the company. With banners, meeting rooms, TV screens, printer screens, and the intranet all featuring video content.

For the future, Amadeus knows that their biggest challenge is remaining unique in their own market. But, they hope to tackle that challenge with Moovly.

Diez says he would “absolutely recommend Moovly as a video-editing tool to other companies.”

Moovly is a reliable partner - Now and in the future.

Moovly was able to seamlessly integrate with Amadeus’ brand center, which is a cloud-based DAM (Digital Asset Management) server based on Bynder storing all of their own photos and stock video assets. As most integrations we faced a couple of obstacles along the way, but Moovly helped to fix these and since then, only good words. The feedback has been great so far. If we have any minor issues or bugs, employees contact Moovly support directly and have them solved really quickly.

“Moovly was a win-win for us. You will save so much money, and it has so many customizable options that it’s always a good solution.”New features are always well received by the team. With its continuously updating functionality, Moovly was able to anticipate Amadeus’ needs before they could even voice them. 

Moovly and Amadeus are looking forward to a successful relationship in the future. Amadeus plans to continue utilizing Moovly to generate professional video content to entertain, educate, and promote travel innovations for many years to come.

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