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Video templates to the rescue

For the past four years, Contractor Nation, via their marketing group Treehouse Marketing, have depended on Moovly for their video creation needs. Prior to integrating Moovly into their workflow, they struggled with the sluggish pace at which they could produce videos.  However, since adopting Moovly, they’ve experienced a remarkable transformation, enabling them to deliver exceptional content to their audience in a timely manner.

Treehouse Marketing found using the platform very easy. The intuitive interface and robust features of the platform have empowered them to streamline their video creation process significantly.

The ease of the platform is super helpful for our team

Kara Gouse- at Treehouse Marketing

How did Contractor Nation do this?

Having the capability to create templates and accommodate multiple users on their account has proven invaluable for the Treehouse Marketing team. The ability to develop templates allows them to maintain consistency across their videos while saving time on repetitive tasks. As a result, they’re able to maximize their productivity and ensure that their output meets the demands of their audience without compromising on quality.
Moovly has continued to meet Contractor Nation’s needs and the customer service is great.

Video creation to educate customer base efficiently

Thanks to Moovly’s user-friendly features, they were able to churn out hundreds of videos, catering to various clients for their social campaigns and educate their customer base in the most efficient way.

Being able to develop templated videos and gaining the capability to swap out logos and branding elements, enabled them to produce videos at a larger scale. With their client base expanding, the demand for mass-produced videos has grown proportionally. This adaptability in our video creation process allowed them to efficiently cater to the increasing needs of their expanding clientele .

“We were able to keep the branding consistent by only needing one person to create the videos”

Moovly is a reliable partner - Now and in the future.

Treehouse Marketing plans to create further professional and promotional videos they can use as part of their software solution. They would like to see Moovly offer an unlimited credits subscription in the near future.

This is precious feedback for us at Moovly. We hope to continue working with Treehouse Marketing for a long time to come and are happy to take these suggestions on board to improve the service we provide our loyal customers.

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