Video Automation:
The key to success

Helping support the ambitions of a growing company

KapanLagi Youniverse is one of the largest Lifestyle, News & Entertainment online media outlet in Indonesia delivering an incredibly vast variety of content to its audience of over 100 Mn people across the country.

Founded in 2003 with a big dream of becoming a leading Digital Media company in Indonesia, KapanLagi Network merged 15 years later with Lupitan6 to form KLY, a company now boasting more than 700 employees. This merger cemented KLY’s status as one of the best content companies in Indonesia, with a multitude of publisher websites and a variety of businesses all working together.

“As a publisher, competing with lots of emerging social media platforms scaling our video production was the biggest challenge for us”

Agus Salim –General Manager of IT Commercials at KLY

Video automation to the rescue

However, KLY’s growth came with a substantial challenge, the quantity of videos needed to match their new ambitions would require a very expensive and time-consuming production process.

All of KLY’s websites have for main task to streamline quality video content on a regular basis and this traditionally required individual video creators to make one video at a time. This was clearly unsustainable for a company growing so rapidly.

That’s when they turned to Moovly for help.

Salim said: “By using Moovly we can mass produce videos by automating the creation process. As a publisher, this help us make a lot of video content”

“Moovly products provide a solution to our problems by scaling up the video production numbers.”

How Moovly accompanied KLY's growth thanks to video automation

Thanks to Moovly, KLY are able to provide a wide variety of news topics to their audience in mass quantities. This in turn allows them to reach a lot of new users on different platforms like Sol media, OTT platform and so on… opening up the possibility for an increase in users, engagement, performance and finally revenue.

To achieve this success, KLY created an automation platform called SILKROAD, which they use for all their video automation.

How it works is simple, KLY creates video templates using the Moovly Studio video editor, populates the video templates with assets like images and captions using Moovly’s Video Automator API, and once the video is generated, the API publishes the new, automatically created video on channels such as Youtube and Vidio.

Once KLY sees the videos published, they use their own SILKROAD platform to monitor views, likes, comments and new subscribers.

KLY’s editorial staff says that this way they can ramp up video production since an automated process reduces massively a lot of time from the old manual method.


Salim says “By using Moovly we can mass produce videos by automating the creation process.”

Moovly is a reliable partner - Now and in the future.

Overall service is good, says the team at KLY, though it took a little bit of time to get to the right person in Moovly and the API can still improve. Nevertheless, when working on a big project, sometimes breaking down several services to 3rd party is the best strategy instead of working on it all by ourselves. Using a service like Moovly can reduce work effort & time for us to finish the project while maintaining the best result we can get.

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