How to drive traffic
to your website with video automation

The news cycle moves faster than ever – and being first to breaking news is still a major challenge for any news organization. Many publications also use video content on their social channels to boost traffic to their website. Creating that video content in the traditional way, however, is much too slow – and costly!

To put it bluntly: by the time your video makes it online, your competition will have beat you to it. 

Join this webinar to learn how to: 

:white_check_mark:  Create automatic social media videos to drive traffic to your website

:white_check_mark:  Use video to push your news updates to the top search results in search engines

:white_check_mark:  Add videos to your content output in an automated way

:white_check_mark:  Use predefined video templates to reduce production time and cost
Jim Hines

Meet the speaker

Jim Hines – Digital Support Specialist at Lee Enterprises and Product Owner of SimplyActiv8

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