Video communication for the Travel Industry in 2022

Whether you want to promote a destination, share your offers on social media or create explainers and guidelines for your staff, video is the ideal medium for your travel organisation.

Our guest speaker from Amadeus ITG, Mrs Gabriela Carbolová, Brand Project and Platform Manager, will share how they have enabled employees to create their own videos and maintain control and brand compliance at the same time.

Join this webinar to learn how to: 

:white_check_mark:   Build content that respects your internal branding guidelines in different styles and formats.

:white_check_mark:   Create content at all levels of your organisation while centrally managing and controlling quality.

:white_check_mark:   Use predefined templates to deliver informative and personalised videos

:white_check_mark:   Automatically subtitle and translate video and audio recordings

Meet the speaker

Gabriela Carbolová, Brand Project & Platform Manager at Amadeus

Gabriela Carbolová is a hands-on and collaboration-focused Brand Project & Platform Manager at Amadeus. She is a creative thinker with digital marketing experience. Her organization, collaboration, open communication, accountability and proactivity are her strengths. She is a positive, energetic, and open-minded multitasker who is always looking for new challenges and love learning new things. Travel, food and her dog Ennie are her passion.

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