The role of video content in designing employee training modules

There was a time when employee training was all about lectures and numerical charts which often failed to invoke the interest of the personnel. Things have changed for the betterment in modern days and employee training has become an enjoyable audio-visual experience with a high degree of video content.

It has been scientifically proved that employees tend to retain 75% more information which they perceive through video medium in stark contrast to still images, text files or announcements. Maybe this is why the millennial trainers are opting for video mode of information sharing while designing the course content.

Roadblocks in the path of fully utilising video learning

In spite of such supreme possibility, video learning has not received full acceptance amongst the training and development departments of every organization. These companies are more keen on proceeding with physical classroom training rather than investing in the development of technologies which can lead to the availability of training on demand. Various factors can be blamed for the same but in most cases, it usually boils down to complacency.

In most of the cases, business houses do not feel very comfortable to accept new things as they feel a lot more confident about the previously tried and tested way of things. This is why they shy away from brand new training methodologies. Companies that do not have a strong Learning & Development (L&D) department fail to realize the degree to which they can accentuate their ROI by investing in video learning procedures while enlightening employees at the same time. 

Ways to use video in employee learning

We will now take a look at 6 different cases where video learning can immensely benefit employees by uplifting their morale and confidence.

Initial ice breaking

The first day at the office is nothing short of the first day at school. It is terrifying in one word as employees enter a completely new place and have to acclimatize themselves with new faces and way of work. Be it sweaty handshakes, misspelling the names of colleagues or having to understand about all roles and responsibilities from a bird’s eye view, first days at the office are filled with nightmares. This is exactly where video lessons come in as an excellent onboarding tool. A proper onboarding drill can assist employees in considering themselves as an integral part of the organization so that they can contribute immensely for adding value to the same. On-boarding videos ensure a similar experience for all fresher’s which is never possible in a traditional classroom training module. In this case, the trainer ends up levying more attention on a particular group of personnel while the others get neglected. Other factors like the number of people present in the room and time of the day can also significantly influence the quality of classroom training. The entire thing becomes easier in the case of video training where the employee simply has to hit the play button. Employees can also get back to the video for further insights whenever they face any tactical difficulty at the workplace.

Ideal on-boarding videos are the ones which contain the entire message in shortly and crisply manner. It doesn’t matter if the tone is kept a bit informal provided employees feel motivated at the end of a session. Organizations can educate their employees about everything ranging from the normal working culture to appraisal schemes using funny animations and vibrant graphics. A proper onboarding video can also go to great lengths for helping with employee retention and safeguarding the organization from major losses. These happen when employees engage in frequent job-hopping and cost the organization losses worth six to nine months of personnel salary which otherwise goes in the hiring process. 

Acclimatizing with the product or service

An organization filled with employees all of whom know in detail about the enlisted products or services can unleash their fullest potential while trying to attain the end objectives of the company. Video training can impart adequate knowledge to employees and keep them updated about the latest developments so that they can serve customers in the best manner possible especially while engaging in front-desk jobs. The requirement of employee training and development through video tutorials become all the more necessary in cases of sales personnel. They need to be fully confident about a product and know its ins and outs properly for selling the same to other customers. Making employees watch video tutorials on a systematic basis can refresh their memory so that they don’t end up getting confused in the long run. 

Encouraging employee interaction

The workplace is a mix of both introvert and extrovert employees and thus it becomes imperative to establish healthy interaction between them coupled with interactive video tutorials. Thus, rather than going through the entire video, employees can simply click on the part which is relevant to their particular line of work for getting to know more about the same.

Moovly is a popular video creating software which can help organizations come up with training videos for their employees. The fact that it is a cost-effective and convenient means of internal communication further adds up to its lucrativeness. Organizations can also gauge employee progress by conducting a background analysis of employee data concerning the hours for which they watched the same as well as sessions covered in it. This, in turn, helps them in taking the final call in regards to promotions as it now becomes clear as to who requires more training and who is fit to take on a particular job.

Teaching management tactics

Good management serves as one of the pre-requisites of the company’s success. This is why even managers are required to undergo video training regularly. Apart from being inexpensive, these tutorials can also be availed whenever required as they break down complex theories into easily digestible bits.

Stellar graphics coupled with engaging voice notes help employees to a great extent with remembering new information. Memory retention power has proven to rise to 65% when knowledge sharing is paired with relevant visuals in the form of an engaging video.

Breaching geographical boundaries

Every employee might not be able to physically attend all meetings due to other appointments. In such a case, video tutorials can come to the rescue as employees can refer to the same in their free time. This makes sure that not even a single employee misses out on the informational content shared at such meets.

The business meetings can also be recorded to keep a tab on the specific reasons behind the passing of a particular order. Employees can access the same whenever required to acclimatize themselves once again with the ideas which were brainstormed as well as the insights which were exchanged. 

Dealing with sensitive issues

Videos can leave a greater impact on people by bringing along a drastic change in emotions as well as their thought process. Educating employees about compliance issues, emergency procedures, as well as sexual harassment, becomes more effective in the video mode. In this case, employees can feel themselves in the shoes of an affected individual.

Important stats concerning to video learning

An average employee tends to forget 65% of the information learned from a training session. This number rises to 90% within the next six months. An on-demand training video can come to the rescue of employees in such a case by providing them with easily accessible tutorials.

On average, the organization spends 40% of its training budget in funding travel expense. On-demand, as well as live video-based training, can help in bringing down such bulky expense while nailing greater employee engagement.

Employees can spend just 24 minutes every week on proper training and development. This is why it becomes crucial to design their video training modules in such a way that they can access the same on facing roadblocks in the normal course of work.

Must-have features of video training tools

  • Secure and unlimited hosting
  • Flexible options concerning to recording and editing of videos
  • Video streaming capability on every device
  • User-level detailed video analytics
  • The capability of searching within a video without the requirement of tagging

Gaining knowledge about video training techniques

Recording videos is easy but the main problem starts while trying to share the same over web. Be it hosting or security, everyone needs the backing of the right technology for overcoming the challenges of video scaling. Organizations mostly use technologies which render support to employee training goals like SharePoint and LMS. However, these technologies do not render optimum support for video training. YouTube, on the other place, is a great video portal but employees refrain from using the same to post employee training videos. Moovly can serve as the ultimate nirvana for different organizations in such a case as it solves all video training problems without requiring any expert knowledge on the part of employee personnel. The fact that it has flexible training operations and can integrate seamlessly with the existing technologies of an organization makes it a top pick of modern millennial corporates.


Using video in the place of formal training methods have proven to increase productivity while bringing down the overall cost. Even multinational big-shots like E&Y have revealed that they were able to bring down training time by 52% and training cost by 35% after implementing video learning schemes.

It is high time that even the medium-scale business houses open up to the massive possibility of video learning and infuse the same while designing the training modules of employees as well as management personnel. 

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