There are two types of Facebook groups: ones that feel like a digital party (minus the awkward small talk), and ones that are a neglected no man’s land.

If you’re trying to build the former (and you should be!), it’s essential to keep group members engaged—the more engaged your Facebook group is, the faster it will grow. 

One way to keep people interacting in your group is to create posts and prompts that encourage engagement. 

We’ve put together a list of Facebook group engagement posts so you never run out of ideas!

Note: through the article we’ll refer to these as “Facebook group posts”, however these post ideas can work for both Facebook groups and Facebook pages.

Facebook engagement post ideas using videos

Videos make excellent Facebook group engagement posts. Aside from bringing in tons of interaction, you can also target people who watch your videos with your Facebook ads, helping you further grow your business. 

Plus, making videos on Facebook is easy with the right tools (we’ll show you which tools to use throughout).

Here are the best types of engagement posts, games, and ideas using videos.

1. Host a trivia game

Why it’s effective: trivia draws people in and provides a dopamine rush to those who play, making participants more likely to stay engaged throughout the game. 

Looking for Facebook engagement games to interact with your audience? Look no further than trivia! 

If you’ve ever attended a trivia party, you know how fun—and competitive—they are. Everyone eagerly answers question after question, waiting to tally up their scores at the end of the game.

Although Facebook doesn’t have a built-in trivia option, we’ve come up with a simple way to host trivia game to boost engagement in your group: a trivia video.

Here’s a short example to give you a better idea:

I used Moovly to create an animated hands trivia game

Here’s how to make your own trivia video in under 30 minutes. First, sign up for a free Moovly account

Click on Create project in your dashboard.

Screenshot of Moovly’s dashboard with an arrow pointing to a “Create project” button.

You have three different options to create your video. I chose Start from scratch to make my above trivia video.

Screenshot of three different video creation options.

After choosing your option, Moovly will open our intuitive drag-and-drop video editor where you can search for different stock photos, videos, animations, graphics, sounds, and more to add to your trivia video.

Easily drag-and-drop any content from Moovly’s library onto your video editor, customize its duration, add your effects, and more!

Moovly’s video editor and media library.

Search through millions of media objects to use in your videos

A Facebook post with announcing a video trivia game.

I made a short trivia video and posted it to my Facebook group. Image via Facebook

2. Create a welcome video for new members

Why it’s effective: it sets the tone in your group and encourages members to interact with content right away.

If you want people engaging with your Facebook posts, get them interacting with content the moment they join your group. Otherwise, they might forget about it and never engage.

To encourage participation with new members, create a welcome video for them.

Talk about:

  1. Who you are
  2. What they get by being in your group
  3. How your group will help them
  4. Any group rules you have

In Jessi Romero’s welcome video inside her Facebook group for entrepreneurs with ADHD, she introduces herself and the reason behind her group.

A Facebook post video welcoming new members to a group.

Use videos to welcome new members to your Facebook group. Image via Facebook

Use Moovly to create your welcome video. You can create a video in various styles including whiteboard, footage, animation, or a combination of any style. You can also record yourself within Moovly or use our footage library to find media for your video.

Here are some tips to drum up engagement with your welcome video:

Include something useful in the video—like an exclusive deal—and tease that in your welcome message, i.e., “new members: don’t forget to watch our welcome video for your special discount!”

3. Share testimonials

Why it’s effective: online reviews influence 93% of consumers. Use testimonial videos to increase sales, make money on Facebook, and build confidence in your brand without needing overly promotional posts.

If you sell a product, one of the necessary videos your business needs is a testimonial video.

Ask customers to send over their video testimonials and use Moovly to:

  • Add your logo in the corner of the video so viewers instantly know who the testimonial is for
  • Add a title screen with your branding (things like colors and typography)
  • Cut out any mistakes or unwanted footage
  • Stitch several testimonials together

GivingWay shared this testimonial in their Facebook group as a way to inspire their current group members:

A Facebook post sharing a video testimonial inside a Facebook group.

Share a video testimonial with your group members. Image via Facebook

4. Create tutorial-style videos

Why it’s effective: tutorials are engaging, and you can sneak your product in without the video feeling like an ad.

Although Facebook ads are incredibly effective, people want to learn about products in different ways besides ads. 

One of those ways is through tutorials.

Teach your group how to do something related to your niche, and if possible, include your product in the tutorial.

A Facebook post sharing a video tutorial inside a Facebook group.

Ahrefs shares short tutorials in their Facebook group. Image via Facebook

5. Host a course/coaching session

Why it’s effective: people will tune in for several days, giving this type of content a long lifespan.

Similar to tutorials, courses are another popular Facebook engagement post idea you can use to liven up your group. The difference, however, is that tutorials are usually brief one-time videos, whereas courses are multiple videos. With courses, schedule the content over several days to keep people engaged longer.

In the Self publishing made simple community Facebook group, members can take a beginner’s self publishing course, complete with prompts, worksheets, and video trainings.

A three-day video course inside a Facebook group.

This three-day course is packed with value for group members. Image via Facebook

Use Moovly to make your video course. You can record yourself, your screen, add text, and subtitles to teach your group something new!

6. Share behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage

Why it’s effective: BTS gives your business the human touch consumers crave.

81% of consumers need to trust a brand to buy from them. If you’re looking for a way to increase engagement and build trust with your brand, create behind-the-scenes (BTS) posts for your Facebook group. BTS feels exclusive and people love tuning in to get a peak behind the curtain.

You can start by asking your group which areas of your business they’d like to see BTS content. Once you have an idea what your group members, want, take a day filming content.

After gathering video footage, use Moovly to trim, splice, and edit your BTS videos.

Catherine Howell owns the Facebook Ad Hacks group—a group of nearly 150,000 entrepreneurs. Her Facebook post offers a BTS look into a paid summit.

A Facebook video post inside a group.

Your behind-the-scenes videos can promote your offerings. Image via Facebook

7. Go live

Why it’s effective: live videos get priority in Facebook feeds, granting you greater reach.

Your options are endless with Facebook Live: behind-the-scenes, tutorials, interviews, courses,workshops, and more.

Three people in a video conference inside a Facebook group.

Go live in your group by yourself or invite other industry leaders to join you. Image via Facebook

After going Live, download your live videos and repurpose them into other types of content.

The Self publishing made simple community group took their live course videos and added them to their group guides so members can access them at anytime.

Several Facebook Live videos are saved as guides in a Facebook group.

Add your live videos to a guide so people can tune in whenever. Image via Facebook

You can take your live videos and use Moovly to polish them up and repurpose into new video content for your group!

Facebook engagement post ideas using graphics and text

8. Ask simple questions

While videos make excellent engagement post ideas, we recommend posting a mix of content to your group. 

Graphics and text are easy types of Facebook posts to generate buzz within your community.

A Facebook posts asks people where they are from.

Asking people where they are from can create lots of engagement on your Facebook post. Image via Facebook

Just make sure your questions are simple enough that people don’t need to think too hard to answer!

9. Post polls

Why it’s effective: polls require little effort from members and yield high interaction.

Polls increase engagement in your Facebook group and help you get to know your audience.

A poll inside a Facebook group asks people whether or not their dog is cuddly.

Asking questions related to your group generates engagement. Image via Facebook

Use polls for fun questions—like the one above asking if their dog likes to cuddle—or get feedback about new products, i.e., “which colors should our next product be?

10. Host a Q&A

Why it’s effective: you get the chance to speak directly with your audience, build a relationship, and find out their struggles.

Another amazing Facebook group post idea where you can learn about your audience is to host a Q&A.

Not only will Q&As let you establish your authority on your group’s topic, it also lets you have two-way conversation with your audience where you can find out what questions they have and what problems they face. 

Use this information to create future content that will drive even more engagement.

Facebook has a built-in Q&A feature so setting up your Q&A session is simple. 

To access the Q&A, make a post and click the ellipses:

A Facebook post with an ellipses circled.

Start a new post and click the ellipses to find the Q&A feature

Then select Host a Q&A:

Different Facebook post options with “Host a Q&A” highlighted.

There are many different post formats to choose from when creating Facebook group posts

To increase engagement for your Q&A, plan a time and let members know about your Q&A in advance, just as the Women in Marketing Facebook group has.

A Facebook group event invitation.

Build anticipation for your Q&A by scheduling it in advance. Image via Facebook

11. Host a GIF challenge

Why it’s effective: GIFs let people communicate their ideas in a fun and creative way.

One of the easiest Facebook group engagement posts is the GIF challenge. GIFs—animated images—let users express their personality.

An example of a GIF

The easiest way to host a GIF challenge? Ask users a question, but tell them they can only reply using GIFs.

A Facebook post asking users to reply with their favorite pumpkin GIF.

Encourage creativity by asking members to reply with GIFs. Image via Facebook

12. Hold a contest or giveaway

Why it’s effective: it gamifies the social media experience.

Contests have a 3.73% higher conversion rate compared to other calls-to-action, making this—statisticallyone of the best Facebook group engagement posts!

A Facebook post announcing a giveaway.

Handing out prizes in your Facebook group can quickly drum up engagement. Image via Facebook

If you aren’t sure what to give away, create a poll and ask your audience to choose between a few items, using the top voted item as your prize.

13. Create and share graphics

Why it’s effective: graphics grab attention the news feed and are harder to ignore compared to plain text posts. 

You don’t need fancy design software or skills to create eye-catching graphics. Use free software like Canva to make:

  • Fill in the blank posts
  • “This or that” posts
  • Quotes that will resonate with your audience
  • Questions

The below this or that post asks group members to comment their answers.

An image that says “This or That, dog edition”.

You can make any type of graphic post for your group. Image via Facebook

If you aren’t sure what to give away, create a poll and ask your audience to choose between a few items, using the top voted item as your prize.

14. Create files with your top content

Why it’s effective: repurposing your best content into different files lets new members enjoy it for years to come.

After going through our list of best Facebook group engagement posts you’re going to have plenty of amazing content for your group.

But because the lifespan of a Facebook post is roughly five hours, you need a way to extend its life.

Get the most out of them by uploading your highest-performing posts to different files in your group. New members can enjoy these posts for months—and years—to come!

Different guides on Facebook within a Facebook group.

The Self publishing made simple community group on Facebook frequently adds their best posts into guides. Image via Facebook

If you aren’t sure what to give away, create a poll and ask your audience to choose between a few items, using the top voted item as your prize.

Facebook engagement post ideas using videos

To grow an interactive and engaged Facebook community you need a variety of content ideas including videos, graphics, games, and contests.

With Moovly, you can create many different types of videos that engage your group members! Sign up for free today tp make your next Facebook video and watch the engagement pour in!

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